Hurro! It me, Ludo!

Mum decided that before I could go back to competing at agility I should make sure I has good strength back in my leg and abdomen where I had the cancer surgery. We had to wait for our vet to say it ok and then last week Mum tooked me and Arran in the car to go somewhere. We went quite a way and when we got there it be quite a surprise. It did not be a show or a good walk or a hol-ee-day!

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She went to the zoo

Well, she wented to the zoo. Without me. Even though I expressedly told her she not be allowed. I would still be mad but she beed gone forever and I beed thinking I never gonna see her efur again. When she comed back in the door I be so happy to see her I did lickings and excited zoomies and followed her to the bathroom and snuffed outside the door. Plus she smelled wonderful. Who knew zoo animals could be so interesting?

So she back in my good books… for now. I wills do lettings of her to show you the photos she tooked. Also she can show you some photos that her friend took cos they be better than hers and I sure you would all like to see them.

The zoo she went to called South Lakes Wildlife park. It a little bit far away, by England terms anyways, but the zoo person man what owns the zoo decided that this weekend it would be free entry day and people should instead donate some monies for Haiti. Of course Mum being mum had forgot to get the monies out, she mostly buys things with the plastic thing instead of real monies, so Mum’s friend paid for both of them. That very nice huh? I guess that will save him getting teld off cos he founded and read my blog even though Mum told him he couldn’t. hehe. 😉 He should get a time out in the bathroom, like I does whe I bad, don’t you think?

Anyway, here some piccures of some of the funny looking and smelling animals they seed.

Firstly of all the good ones by Mum’s friend.

Mum sure loves peacocks.
This Mum’s favourite animal at the zoo. A teddy bear!

oh yes, furry strange animal!

They feed the tigers by putting their foods up a pole to mimic hunting for it. I bet these is one kitty even Miss Khyra would not want to play with. They does look kinda like BSM though.

These lemurs run around all over the place. Mum says they seem to kinda ignore the keepers, there signs efurrywhere you go not to let them out or let them eat your foods. One of them came and licked Mum’s hand!

This wallaby thing be keeping his tail warm, he needs a fluffy one!

A bird that cannot fly!!

Ok, time for Mum’s pics!

See, he has a big camera! I would look good through it, I bet.
This monkey was bashing this mud about.

Capybara, Mum likes these two cos they is like big guinea pigs.

This lemur thinks he be spider man. The kangaroos beed inside to keep warm and there beed lots of lemurs what had gotten inside too.

These kinda scare Mum.

Say cheese.

The giraffes had just beed fed, so they were being nosey!

Ok, last thing for this very long post, with none of ME in it.
Mum seed her favourite animal, the bear, getting mercilessly attacked by a tapir. A lot of the animals live in with other animals and all the other bears beed indoors, so this tapir decided he would chase the bear off, and he did!

~lickies, Ludo

Ticked off T-day

So, I is getting fed up with all Mum’s lazy excuses to not help me blog properly. Now the snow has goned from around us the internet seems to be back working ok, so she has no excuse!

She thinks she is gonna go to the zoo at the weekend, well we will see about that!

As punishment for her I has decided not to let her translate for me today. So here’s me telling her what I was gonna say, I just gonna post that instead. I know you will all get me. Auntie Penny joined in a bit too.

Oh yes! I also did talkings with a very nice lady from America. She be called Coryelle and she an animal communicator. I woned my talking with her from Johann’s holiday contest. I will do a proper post about it when I is talking to Mum again, but it beed very interesting for Mum and me!

~lickies, Ludo


The internet that be!
We thinks something has gone wrong inside our box thingy. Things is taking ages to load up, lots of sites is not working at all. It making Mum do angry faces, she not have a lot of patience for technologies.

We managed to post the slideshow straight from picasa uploader. I managed to convince Mum to sit here for ages and keep trying to reload the page until blogger opened properly. I hope it publishes now or she might march off in a huff! She has had a cold too so has beed extra grumpy. hehe.

I glad you all liked seeing my crisp mas slideshow. I got lots of toys! Auntie Penny only got two and I pinched them both! hehe! Auntie Penny says she be too old for toys now, she got a new bed and a new coat for crisp mas instead. Mum says Auntie Penny never liked toys as much as me even when she beed littler. She liked to carry them around and sometimes chew on them a bit but she never really liked playing tug of war or catch. She likes to chase a ball at the beach though. I know *I* will never ever ever stop wanting toys!

I hopes efurryone had as good a crisp mas as I did and is having a good New Year so far. I has beed reading your bloggies when they load. Maggie, we beed very sorry to hear about your kidney troubles, but the comment things wouldn’t come up! I sorry you will not get pizza anymore!

ok, Mum says not to push our internet luck and if anypup has any ideas to get it better please let us know. Mum thinks it might be acoss of all the snow. Although we does not have any right where we are.

pee ess: Here a video of me and Auntie Penny opening a present.

~lickies, Ludo

Sabotaged on T-day!

Well me and Mum is finally starting to get ourselves organised and we tried to make a tricky t-day video on my slipper getting progress. But somecat sabotaged me.
You may think I a bit of a coward but if you lived with Pepe you’d understand.