On a sunnyday we get to have the left overs from the people foods roast dinners. It so delishiously yummy! Auntie Penny has beed getting this for 11 years and you should see the fuss she make if they does not give it us. Now Pepe here we has to share with him. We all eated our vegetables like good pets.

Yum! Mum said this piccure has made us realise out bowls need washing. See Auntie Penny has the funny kinda bowl so her ears don’t go in it, I usually does not have a bowl for my food. After we has finished we go lick each others bowls, you can just never trust that the other one might not have left some.

For Tricky T-day here, my workings on ‘distance downs’ We practiced an emergency stop in class the other day where we had to go running back to our peoples and when they shouted down we had to stop and go down and if we did not the trainer said we got squished. Well I got squished. The assistant lady tooked us off and worked with us on it the way they train, Which be to step into your dog and speak loud and point right down at the ground in a big movement. Well, I would go down but then crept forward and I was not getting it, so Mum decided we would work on it at home in our own way. I can now do it with Mum out of sight and in another room. Got to try it outside now.

Also, my good bud Dave tagged me.
1) open the folder that has your pet pics in it
2) choose one you haven’t posted before
3) tell its story
4) tag 5 friends

Mum opened a folder called ‘old pics’ and found this one.

It Penny in a cowboy hat at Crispmas from a couple years ago. Honestly, she puts up with anything!
~lickies, Ludo

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It my Blogaversary!

Did anypup see that little countdown I had right at the bottom of the page? Well, it ranned out today. So today be my official 1 year blogaversary! We very suprised, it gone so quick.

Mum and me decided to start this blog to track my growing up, we only meant to do it till I becomed a big grown up man dog but meeting all you has made it so much more than that. Now we has many friends and a wider connection to the dog community as a whole and I think it would take something very big to make us stop now.

We started the blog when I beed 15 weeks old, back then I thought that be a very lot, but now I realise that it not that much really. Here an extract from my first post.

I Ludo the puppy. But sometimes I called Ludwig van puppy. Usely that when I do something called be noughty, but I don’t know what that be. Sometimes happen when I try eat something yummy. Sometime when I try play with Pepecat too much. […]

I the only puppy living in this whole house. But there are other growd up dogs of lots of kinds. There are Pepe the cat dog, he sometimes doesn’t like me when I am trying to play with him. 😦 Then there are lots of rabbitdogs. These are like a little kind of growd up dog that don’t smell like dogs really and they like to run around a lot and eat carrits and hay and all-en and pages. So they must be dogs cos I like to eat those things too.”

I still do!

As you can see I has got a lot better at human language the older I got, or maybe Mum has just got better at interpreting it.

There a mushy bit after this main post, which you doesn’t have to read, but Mum wanted to say it.

Mum made a video of our year. BOL! We meant to do something like this for my gotcha day, but missed it, so here it be now. Hopes you like it!

To celebrate my blogaversary I would like to give something to you all, sadly, there too many of you, but I will run a competition alongside the tricky T-day one, called ‘Not the tricky T-day’ I will tell more about that in the next post, but I will announce the winner on my 200th post, in 30 posts time, so I better get posting huh?! I is doing some different posts between then and now bout my blogging year and stuffs like that.

I gonna combine the celebration of my blogaversary AND my 200th post by hasing a tour of England pawwtee on my 200th post. Please let me know if you would like to attend! I will drag some of you there even if you don’t RSVP. peemail me at ludovanpup@live.co.uk

So for now… Happy blogaversary to meeeeee Harrrrufffffruffruff!

~Lickies, Ludo

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Now for the mushy part! This mostly from Mum, cos obviously I a growed up man dog, not a soppy puppy dog no more!

Some of you know that Mum and me went through a bit of a hard time when I was about 6 months old. We lived with my old Daddy till then (Mum for much longer) and we sadly had to change and go live with my grandpawents (where we be now) when he decided that we should. Lots of you has given Mum words of encouragement whilst she found these changes very tough (I coped very well, of course) and we wanted to thank you and your pawents from the bottom of our hearts for every little thing you’ve all said. Even the smallest word helped her through and she doing so much better now. It sound really stupid but Mum whispered to me that having the blog kept her part of the outside world when all she wanted to do was shut it out and that having me bossing her about and posting kept her safe from that, for the most part.

I also has some special Thank you’s to give out to some pups who I feels has helped me get to this one year bloggy mark. Most of them friends I had nearly since I first be blogging when I not get many visitors, so I hopes nopup be upset that they not on the list. Mum’s fingers can only type so much ya know. Lucky I didn’t have many friends back then! BOL!

Note from Mum, I know this is cheesey, and is kinda like an oscar speech or something, but I’ve been meaning to do it for a while. I notice so much in life that people think their actions are unappreciated or their words go unheeded, but for myself, sometimes the smallest kindness will stay with me forever and guide me through hard times. I really don’t think we tell people enough when they’ve given us a moment like that. We tell other people, years later, but what good is that to the one who said it? Maybe by not knowing, they’ll stop offering their wisdom and I think that would be a big loss, so, whenever possible, I like to show where someone has left a mark on me. You may not even remember or know something that you’ve said through your furkids, but I do. 🙂

First one go to Stella: Stella remind me that you should always be sweet and nice to others and has teached me lots of things about being a growed up dog with her words of support and encouragement. She one of my very best blog friends.

Ao4 next, especially Dave and Zim. They always teach me so much when they post and give me such good advices on life, if ever I has a puzzlement about something they my first place to go.

Reilly: Another wise pup, but not afraid to admit when he scared! hehe, He gived some great advice about Mum taking me to lots of interesting places when we first found ourselves on our own, we listened and it helped!

Essex and Deacon: You two has been my furfriends almost since I started the blog and you always gives us very interesting learnings when you post and very sensible comments which I always take to heart. You also helped Mum make me sheltie cookies!

Simba: Your Mum shared how she felt when she went through big sads and that meant a lot to Mum. You were also one of my very first visitors that still visits now!

Josh and Jessie: You two beed the first other shelties from another country I ever seed! I liked seeing you play together and see how the same, but different we is. In fact, I’ll list all my sheltie buds under here too.

of course Morgan, my beautiful gal! My first date as a growed up Pup! You always look out for me and spur me on by being blunt and honest BOL, but most of all by being fun and very concerned and caring.

Miss Kylie, A beautiful girl who always does stuff for others, even when she on hard times herself, she very inspiring indeed.

Last one: Khyra: I has not knowed you as long as some of the pups on this list but you has always been very kind, you be the pawfect connection to the rest of the blog world and your Mum has had some good words for mine.

Of course, I could go on and on and on and on and each one of my friends be very special to me, so this award for all the above and everyone, pleasewhineyippplease do take it! Feel free to pass it on out to whoefur you like too!
~All done mushing!

Tricky T-day

For this bunch of tricky T-days I has suggested you work on tricks involving objects. I said I would post about free timing as a way of coming up with the tricks, so here you go.

Free timing where you gets to come up with your own tricks, it really give the brain a good workout but gets you lots of treats. At first it can be a bit confusing but I bet you’ll all get the hang of it, then you get to feel really clever!

That me doing some free timing with an ironing board.
It easiest to start off with a box, but since I do quite a bit of free timing Mum had to try and find objects I had not used afore.

Here another one with some sort of foamy thing we found in the shed.

It kinda harder for your person to do this, because it make them practice their patient skills while they wait for you to figure things out, and decide what they want to reward (called shaping) into a trick.

Once your person has seed a behaviour they think would make a good trick, or start of trick they should stop clicking for anything else you do and click for just the thing they liked. This can be the frustrating bit for you as you might be thinking, like I do, ‘Hey Mum! I did something then, where my treat be?’ if it take you a while to repeat the behaviour your person should give you extra treats so it make you wanna repeat it again and again. Once you done the same thing about 5 times your person can finally say something. They can say whatever word they want the trick to be till you understand. It may take a few sessions/days to get the the stage where you have a trick, but it worth it! If the trick be something like my back leg lift you can transfer it to other objects, or no objects too!

As far as me and Mum can tell there two main ways to learn tricks. One be called capturing and one be called luring. Free timing be a capturing kind, apparently we dogs hold the learnings in our heads better when we learn through capturing, I guesses because it be a more natural thing for us to do and also we has learned it ourselves. As you can see from the video I really likes my back leg tricks, which we captured doing sorta free timing with a book, you can see that in a past tricky T-day. Luring be where you is coaxed into doing a certain thing, for my tricks we mostly use a mixture of capturing and luring.

Here some more videos of things that could (and sometimes have) be learned through capturing during free timing.

My bubbles trick

Some stuff from free timing with a box when I beed little and living in our old house.

Stuff on a sweet tin.


Does not be forgetting the competition part. I will pick my favourite object based trick from a months worth of posting (To give you time to figure one out. You don’t have to use free timing to get it either) and you will get a cool goody bag. In it will be This book staring my Auntie. Some of my favourite tricky treats, some other tricky tools and some fun stuffs. So I hope you all play and that can be some incentive for you.

~lickies, Ludo

oh, pee ess: We has just realised that actually, it be tuesday today, not yesterday when this be posted. I think that Dotty hen thing Mango’s Momma has be catching through the internets. Lock up your Mum’s!

Exploring rocks

First, please go say happy barkday to my buddy Deacon!

Me and Mum went climbing the rocks round the head at the beach the other day. It be lots and lots of fun! So much new things to see and sniff and show off my good climbing skills! I so very agile! Mum tooked lots of photos and video so it might take a few posts to show them all off.

We played wubba a bit firstly of all.

Here be some piccures without me in. You can get a feel for how cool the rocks be! They very fun and exciting to climb. We not usually get to go on them. You has to get the tide just right or they be too slippery and if you go too far round when it out then you can get stuck.

Mum has a new obsession with finding sea glass, so in her never ending BORING quest we is travelling to different parts of the beach. She did find some good sea glass here, but also had the camera out lots. I not sure which be more annoying! She keep wanting my attentions to take good photos, but Mummmm there be so much to look at and do! I practiced being siberian at first.

But then sausages woned me over.

Now, i knows some of you. Hamish, at least, will appreciate the geo-geometry? omogy? The er- rocky-ness of these particular rocks.
These be a sandstone type of rock and they change lots all the time cos they get bashed about by the harsh sea a lot. We found some cool rock patterns, when Mum beed in school she first comed here with grandpawents and she tooked some piccures of some of the erosion (Does that really be a word Mum, you not making it up?) to show to her teacher cos she beed studying it in school. I will show you some interesting erosion stuffs another day. The head changing all the time, it part of a thingy what some (Mum say silly, I say way pawsome!) peoples like to do called the coast to coast walk. Where they walk from here to the other side of England. Well anyways, they start off at the head but over the years the path keep having to be moved in cos it dissappear!

During victorian times these rocks be tooked away, that why they be such good steps now, where they beed cut up to make the houses in the village and near by. Including the churchyard we looked at at the first Ludo’s lookings.

See them holes is from drilling.

Well, Mum complaining that her paws be tired. What a silly excuse. She say if I not like it I can just type myself.
Well ok! I wills!

jjhdfkhl mkl m,l;l; ,hjhjukgkkfog

hmm, Maybe I had better post more about the rocks in the week.

~lickies, Ludo
pee ess, come back tomorrow for Tricky T-day. Does not be forgetting, anyone can join in at anytime, you didn’t need to be in the current players list.

Super Sunny Saturday!

Today has beed a brilliant day today! Mum finished work at about half 10 in the morning and then we wented to the beach before it got very busy, though it still beed quite full in the touristy bit, we had to go a bit further out to get away from all the families. You can do clickings to bigify.

Here be some piccures of the sceneries

We seed lots of empty crab and other shells. We thinks these be anenomies, I crunched one up good with my feets! Mum said the seagulls had beed feasting! They not look like good food to me, but whatever float their boat.

Of course you needs to see some pawsome ball piccures!

I getting braver in the water!

Mum said the water felt warm when she beed picking up my ball so she took off her outside feet furs which she call shoes and comed in the sea with me. Doesn’t it be cool how humans has all these detachable furs and some even be fun to play with?

I will guard your shoes.

I met quite a lot of doggies, here be some piccures of them.

My favouritist was the snauzer guy, we played ball in the sea for a bit and got Mum’s skirt all wet. Ruff! The other two beed very rude. First the little yorkshire terrier girl. She swammed through that rock pool to get to me, I said hello very nicely, she went away and then came back and started telling me off. I ranned away! She chased me and we was dodging all over the place. Her peoples were running after her doing tellings off and my Mum beed laughing at me! It not funny Mum, I not allowed to bite girls after all so what else could I do? Then that big collie dude comed up. You can sees from his body language that he beed very rude and dominant and very in my face. He lifted his leg at me and Mum telled him off. Then he ranned off to another little dog who was sitting with a family with childrens. Well, the family not beed quick enough and he weed on their little dog and the childrens bump of sand they’d built. Uh oh. The owner comed up and said sorry to the family. But Mum said some dogs really need their new-ters and it people like that which gonna make the authorities say no doggies on the beach.

I would not want that!

Me and Mum had an argument about who would carry my ball. I kept dropping it and shouting, ‘pick it up Mum!’ But she say no, I carrying my shoes, you carry it or we leave it. Yous can see from this next collage that she won a couple times and I had to go back for my ball. But in the end she gived in. hehe!

Then Mum wented and got us both ice creams. I not beed very sure about the ice cream, cos I had it afore off a cone and was not impressed. But this smelled very yummy and I wanted it straight away. It beed heavenly yumness! I think this rotweiler behind us wanted some too, his owners came out with ice creams, but none for him.

I did not eat all my ice cream and on the way back I did very super awesome heeling thinking I would get the rest but no, look who did!

Finally, here be a video of some clips of me. We did lots of wait and leave training. Mum walked 60 steps away from me. It took about 4 times afore I was able to stay for that long though.

~lickies, Ludo

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