Lowther Castle

Back before Arran arrived Me, Mum and TND went to a place called Lowther Castle (click the name to visit their website), nearby to Penrith. Mum has wanted to go there for a long time since they has beed uncovering the old ruined gardens and Mum joined the mailing list for updates. They finally opened to the general public last year and so we went along to see it.

The castle got built in 1806 and has had a very interesting history, being used by the army and as a chicken farm! It has lots of grounds and you can walk through them all, they has not changed very much, just making them useable, so Mum says it feels really magical, like you is discovering a forgotten, hidden world. Being low to the ground and hasing a superior nose it always feels like that to us dogs, but it nice for my peoples to feel that way too.

Looks kinda imposing!

Looks kinda imposing!

Lowther Castle

Up I go, George would like these!

Up I go, George would like these!

Fairy Steps
Fairy Steps

DSC_0386 DSC_0388 DSC_0390 DSC_0394 DSC_0392

A nice view of part of Cumbria

A nice view of part of Cumbria

old lily ponds

old lily ponds

TND liked it too, cos we seed lots of animals for him to take photos of. I also got to eat some of the chicken from his sandwich Mum got from the cafe!

woodpecker squirrel finch

Summer time… ?

We had some nice sunny days last week, so I got to get some sunshine in my photos. On the nicest day we went for a walk through the farmers fields at the side of the village. It back to being a bit cold and rainy again now, but I is sure it will get nice again!
Wait for mee!

There three of these cool gate style thingies on the walk. I like to jump through them.

Hi Lambies, I so wish I could chase you, but I SO not allowed!

~Lickies, Ludo!

Come for a walk with me?

Me and Mum has beed doing lots of extra walkies these last few days because the sky has beed doing something funny… I think I remember it being called spring. Anyway, the sky be dry and not dropping water or clouds or winds on us and we has that thing what I think I remember be called the sun shining on us. 
Cool huh?
Only, something that not so cool be that TNP has just disappeared! He has totally left me. Mum says he has gone skiing again, but I know I has seen his van driving around and so I think Mum just hiding him somewhere. We even went to his (my) house a couple of times and he did not be there either. It sure do be a mystery. 
Ok, we is going to the end of that up high bit that stops in the sky. Ready?

 Come on Mum, that means you too.

 Just ignore that mean new sign. It not apply to where we going, but from where we come. Mum hates it. Ludo Van Mandogs do not need to go on leads like Ludo van puppies!

This way, follow the steps.

We is at the top now. Some people put flowers here all the time for some boys who beed climbing down below and got stuck when the tide came in.

Quick rest.

 Ok Mum, just because you has got ahead of me does not mean I is puffed out.

I love going through gates!

We found a fossil, we think Click to bigify.

The top. Well done effuryone.
Now we has to go back through the farmers fields to make it a bit more interesting, so no chasing the sheeps.
Of course then when we got back I wanted to go in the sea but Mum got one of those stupid migraines really sudden and really bad with an aura thing and she said I be very bad because she trying to call me back and I was not paying attention because she wasn’t actually using the right words. But the aura can make you disorientated and get your speech confused, Mum got a treat out of her pocket in the end and I came back pretty quick then.
~lickies, Ludo
pee ess from Mum: TNP has gone skiing with his friends, he misses us though. :p Ludo gets very confused because we still see TNP’s old van driving around, even though he has a new one now.
I am taking the opportunity of being ‘single’ this week to get some things done on my own hobby (other than Ludo). For a few weeks I’ve been planning an online shop move and I’ve had a few commissions lately for my miniature animals which have kept me distracted, so I’m sorry we haven’t been around visiting much. Should settle down in a couple of weeks. Although then it will be Grandpaws 70th birthday and some family are coming down. Eep, it’s all go. We miss you all though and are thinking of you!

A trying walkies

For Mum anyways!
Last week we had a nice sunny Saturday and as usual TNP said to Mum ‘Where do you want to go?’ Mum doesn’t really like making decisions and TNP doesn’t like Mum not making them so eventually she said somewhere new and somewhere woody. We went somewhere near Wastwater lake. It started off very nice…

And just a little bit of a climb, but it be nice and sunny and pretty views and good sniffings for me. Early on we could choose between two forks in the road. Mum said ‘let’s follow the sun’ and chose the high path. At the top we got to a stile what TNP had to carry me over and then we walked through some fields which would normally have cows in. Mum never likes these kind of fields cos they doesn’t have a proper laid out path and TNP usually leads us along the cow’s paths which Mum grumbles about a lot and gets left behind. She says the cows leave it all wet and muddy and make lots of holes so you can’t tell where to put your feet cos the grass grows over the holes and it hurts her little leggies plus she says she casnot look at the pretty view cos she has to look at the ground all the time. I has four paw drive so I don’t mind at all! Although I do mind her being so slow!
On this particular walk the frost still be on the ground and so the mud be nice and crunchy and not sinky and so Mum felt quite happy. Until we started going down hill and there more water and so it got pretty slippy. Mum put her foot on a thawed out boggy bit which sucked her shoe in and and then felt pretty unhappy when her foot got all wet and it just got worse (for her) from there. Her legs started getting tired from walking on the uneven ground and she hit a slippy bit and fell on her bum.

After her trip Mum photographed the ‘so-called-path’ and blamed TNP for it’s existence. As you can see, I not in the piccure, I thought it best to stay out of a hysterical Mum’s way.
Then it just got worse! Mum’s nerves got a bit frayed,  TNP kept looking at  his map and trying to show Mum that they were going the right way and then she fell over again and dipped her camera in a mud puddle. TNP tooked it after that cos Mum started doing her scary cry/laughing and TNP got a bit distressed. He and me not like it when Mum not happy. You know she a ‘Southern Softie’ really not a tough northerner who beed doing walks and climbings and sporty things all her life. Anyway she only fell over one more time after that but both peoples felt pretty miserable until we spied a gate and the ‘real path’ back again. I love going through gates so it made me pretty happy too! Doesn’t be worried about Mum though, she didn’t get hurt cos she was going down hill and just fell backwards each time. TNP tried to hold her hand on some bits but Mum likes to be a scaredy-people and choose her own ‘safe’ looking bits to step on.
After that it got better and Mum felt a bit braver and cheered up.

A bit deeper in the woods we came across a shooting party. It be pretty exciting to me, loud bangs and men and dogs (I spotted Labradogs, springy spaniels, and some german pointers). They was all running around happy doing their jobs, some ignored me and a couple said hello, but they all wanted to find some birds! Hunting a pretty popular sport up here and it makes Mum upset because she a weirdo vegetarian (I know, right?! she gives really rubbish left overs) the hunters buy lots of baby chick pheasants and put them in the woods and feed them and then come out and shoot them all. But she says at least they do get eaten and get to live naturalish lives, better than poor battery hens.
We carried on walking until TNP’s may pointed out a ford, not a car, but water going across the path. TNP skipped over some stones…
Mum didn’t thing that seemed like a good idea, so she walked along the stream a bit and found a little log bridge thing. She felt very proud of herself for getting across on her own steam. Of course, I just walked right through.

To end the walk on a happy ending, just as we left the woods, 3 pheasants went strolling past us way higher than the shooting party. Go Pheasants! (I doesn’t like pheasant, or else I might be saying something different, hehe!)
And now lastly, For True colours… (sorry it not a thursday) Celestial blue and primrose yellow!

Oh, and me, going home.

With some of the woods in my tail for keepsakes.

~lickies, Ludo (The adventurer!)

Hunting Wildlife, with TNP

Hurro, more from my Hol-ee-day in Scotland up in Argyll.
Now as long time readers will know when me and Mum and TNP goes on holiday we likes to go out hunting for wild life and then TNP tries to shoot them (with his camera). Mum does not really try cos her camera not so good as TNP’s and they would just be little blobs, but she official spotter. You has to be very careful when hunting for wildlike and do sneakings around and no barkings or chasings. We especially like to try and find squirrels. Now I know lots of you like to chase squirrels but you is not allowed to chase these ones because they is called ‘red’ and that makes them special for some reason cos there nor many left in Britain and none down in the south. They look pretty scrawny anyway and always run up trees so really it more fun to just sniff things. I has got very good at squirrel hunting and I do it by just lying down and looking not interested and then I don’t get moaned at. Of course I always spot them first.

Mum and TNP was very pleased on this hol-ee-day cos they seed a squirrel on everyday and we even had one come in our garden.

I has more piccures from Mum but I thought I would show you these ones from TNP’s camera first cos they make Mum and TNP happy.

First, we stayed in a lovely little cottage with a big garden. It be comfy and cozy and we all liked it a lot. The sofa’s is cream coloured so of course Mum said no Ludo’s on sofa’s. But she went into the kitchen and came back and there I be, snuggled up next to TNP, on the sofa. So that didn’t last very long.

See how good I is at posing, I got on this convenient rock in the garden all by myself.

There a bird feeder outside the kitchen window and Mum and TNP liked to look out of it. I didn’t mind cos they keeps the food in the kitchen so it a good place to hang out. Although I did get very annoyed at Mum chucking food for the birds outside and not letting me eat it. Even If I doesn’t like peanuts.

Here some bird feeder pics. They might not seem like special kinds of animals to some of you who live in more exotic locations than me and see lots of things, but to us in England they is pretty exciting and TNP sounded kind of like he does when he watches football when the Woodpecker flew in and the squirrel came to visit.

Great Tit

They is pretty cute huh and very ascared of peoples, but probably nicer than Faline. He thought all his Crispmasses had come at once Mum said with all the nuts they put out. Even though he kind of black and grey he still a red kind of squirrel, you can tell by his shape and size. Grey ones is bigger.

Mum loves his little hands, which hard to compete with cos I not a rodent and so I has paws and so I is not so cute as squirrels by Mum’s standards which not very fair really.

We had some rainy days but then we had some sunny days and we went to a place called Benmore Botanical Gardens. We walked all day long, through woods and plants and big trees and finally at about 5 o’clock we seed a squirrel. By this time I be so tired I had to lie down all the time.

Mum likes this little guy the bestest cos he has a cute face. TNP said something about the light and the wildlife not co-operating. They probably needs some trainings and to go to posing class 101 like us doggies has to.

Here some piccures from Benmore, it very pretty, lots of interesting smells and quite a few doggies. Only I couldn’t go off lead. Apart from when Mum let me anyway in the wood bits.

We also went to another gardens called Ardkinglas and seed another squirrel!! I did chase this one a little, just to sniff it. Well, it just instinct. It thought I wanted it’s chestnut. But I didn’t. It not a patch on a chicken wing! We also seed the tallest tree in Britain there. Mum has piccures of that it even taller than Honey!

After Benmore I got really tired and my legs wouldn’t work anymore, I just had to sleep! I sat myself on the sofa in the dining room and after dinner when Mum and TNP went into the living room I wanted to go too, but my leggies were just too tired. So I cried and barked and Mum came through and carried me into my bed in the living room. You just had to know how to work them. I tried them same thing when they went to bed and TNP wanted to get me but Mum said no so I just had to drag myself up the stairs. TNP lifted me onto the bed though. Well, they shouldn’t have wored me out looking for squirrels for so long!

At Ardkinglass we also seed this weird little bird. He looked like a mouse running up the tree when Mum spotted him, but he a little bird called a tree creeper.

On one of my wored out nights Mum and TNP went out to dinner at an oyster bar so I got some peace and slept well and almost didn’t even wake up when they came back. Mum said they had really nice fresh fish, though she didn’t think much of her oyster. They oysters come from here, Loch Fyne and we went down and took some piccures of the sunset.

 Now TNP’s favourite piccure. This little robin fellow sat and watched us and wondered if we was gonna try and steal his patch! He look different to the American robins huh?

lickies, Ludo

Mitredale, eskdale – a very big hill

These piccures is from my walk last sunday with Mum and TNP and come from TNP’s camera! We went to a place called Eskdale and walked on a part called Mitredale. Up a very big hill! As always, click to bigify!

It has a miniature steam train, we seed the train but didn’t get a piccure but here it’s tracks anyway.

Me and TNP did some posing.

I love going through gates and I rush up to them whenever we come across one!

Come on Mum, nearly at the top!

Ah, we made it!

We found a sheep skeleton, poor thing must have perished during the sold snowy winter. At least it will have beed a bit of food for the wild animals.

Here how I got all muddy. I followed Mum and TNP through the boggy bits and then we went across the stepping stones on this little creek and then I turned around and walked all along it and got all muddy and cool looking!

The forestry commission chopped down a lot of trees! They trying to get rid of some of the fast growing pines etc and get back to having our natural slow growing trees like oak and beech and stuff like that. Peoples always seem to be trying to correct their own mistakes huh?

Next we had to go through some sheep and cow ‘farrow’ fields where they used to be, cos of the winter and rain they all churned up and muddy, Mum found it hard going! TNP ever so nicely tooked a photo of her. You can bet she said some HBO words at his choice of path. Later we met a farmer waiting to shoot a bird and he said we had gone the wrong way.

We had to go through a farm with some cows and chickens and a Working sheepdog be hiding in a doorway, when I went past he come out and bit me on my neck! No warning or grow or nothing! How rude! These WSD’s often has no socialisation with other dogs. Of course I has so much fur it didn’t hurt at all, just surprised me. I very good with my calming body language so he didn’t keep at me and let us walk on by after Mum shoo’d him.

Ah, home time!

~lickies, Ludo