I lives in the Lake District


Cumbria is a county in the North of England, since it is where we live, lots of our posts are about places in Cumbria (and other parts of the UK too). Cumbria is a popular area to visit on holiday for the nice scenery, good walks and history. We live close to the lake district, which inspired many famous authors and artists like Beatrix Potter, Ruskin, and Wordsworth. If you would like to see one of our posts about the Lake District you can find it here.

Cumbria also has a large coast, which a lot of people seem to forget about, seeing as how those showy lakes grab all the attention. We happen to think the coast is very worthy of attention too! We live on the Western Coast, and the cold Irish sea crashes onto our shores. It rains a lot, but we don’t mind so much. We have a very nice beach to go walkies on, right on our door step… Hence Seaside Shelties.  In fact, we like the beach so much we even got Arran named after it! (He is Elanmore Beach Boy!)

Adventure Sheltie!

‘Our’ Beach

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