Ludo is a blue merle sheltie, his official name is Elanmore Blue Flash. He was born on the 13th of April 2008. He first started blogging as a puppy on blogger, with his blog, Ludo van puppy, which became Ludo Van Doggy when he turned one, and has kept it up, sometimes sporadically, ever since. His grasp of the English language is almost perfect, just like everything he does.


Ludo being Ludo

Ludo is a real ‘Daddy’s dog’ even though he does all his training things with ‘mum’.  He calls his people Mum, and TND. (The nice Dad, although that used to be TNP, The new person) Ludo loves going to school and learning and showing off, doing agility, walking in new places and being an explorer, swimming, Christmas and just being with his people. He is a registered Pets as Therapy dog, and has his bronze and silver Good citizen awards from the Kennel Club. He is a bit tall for a sheltie, but he is very handsome and knows it!

He is a Good Boy! And if he is sometimes stubborn it’s only because he of course knows best!

5 thoughts on “Ludo

  1. Hi Ludo and family! I hope you remember me from from Sydney, now in Oxfordshire. Islay and family are in Cumbria until 24th – if we could meet it would be so lovely – Islay’s mum has loved your bloggie for years and it has inspired her so many ways – would love to say thanks in person! lickies from Islay and family

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