Other Family

Gone, but not forgotten….

Penny and Pepe

‘Auntie Penny’ lived with Grandpawents, she went to the Rainbow Bridge in November 2012 aged 15 and she is dearly missed.  I, Dee, got her as an early Christmas present when I was 13. Not long after Ludo started his blog we moved back in the my parents and so ‘Auntie Penny’ became a feature of the blog. It is so strange being without her. She was a bouncy, happy, gentle and sweet soul and she was so forgiving.

Goodbye Auntie PennyPenny at 15

My award! By Not Auntie Penny

Then we have Pepe the cat. He was a rescued cat who we had when Ludo was a puppy. We got him back a few months after moving back in with Grandpawents. Sadly, he went to the rainbow bridge about a year later.

63acc-ludopepeGoodbye PepeGoodbye Pepe

Not long after Auntie Penny went to the bridge, The Grandpawents adopted a new dog, called Rusty. He is a little Jack Russell Terrierist. He is very boisterous but very affectionate and he is 2 years old.

693c2-rustydad Rethinking Rusty


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