Agility Update

Hello, It is me, Arran!
I decided I would tell you all about what we have been doing in agility. Because I like agility now and I am not very scared of going to competitions at all!

I started doing KC agility competitions last year (I did 3) and this year I have done 4 and my Mum – Ladee has hardly let me say anything about agility.
In agility I compete in small size, whereas Ludo competes in Medium, so we are not up against each other, but I bet I would beat Ludo because I am faster! Ludo had won up from grade 1 to grade 3 so I had to start at grade 3 too. That’s just how it works!


Me and Ludo at Lune Valley’s show last year.

Going to shows is kind of strange. You have to spend a long time driving in the car, which I don’t really like doing. When I first started competing I would get very worried about anything, like people clapping the dog before me, or the people who sit at the ring side, or having to run in a circle on the course and I would try and run away and leave the ring, I also got very distracted by all the pretty lady dogs. I still do a bit and Ladee tries to make me concentrate and not sniff. Then I decided the contacts (those are the big things you run up) were scary, even though they were not scary at training and so every run I would run around the contact and feel really worried. Maybe because I was a bit too excited I leapt off the seesaw a couple of times before it hit the ground and I didn’t like the bang!

Ladee thought I was faking being scared out of habit! Luckily we had some nice judges who let me try the contacts again once Mum had called me back and given me a cuddle and I suddenly realised they are ok. Now, Mum picks me up before we take our turn and that relaxes me. Everyday when Dad comes home from work and I get all excited I ask him to ‘pickmeuppickmeup’ and then I sit in his arms for a while. Ladee thinks it is just like being in a cattle press for me, whatever one of those is.

But, I do like to stick to my habits!


Recently I have started to realise that it is actually quite exciting and not scary and in October I got my first ‘not E’ Mum Ladee was really happy and I like to be happy with her and get cuddles and treats. Of course, I get cuddles and treats even if I didn’t pay attention very well, but I can tell when Ladee is more happy than usual even though she doesn’t have a tail to wag.

Then two shows ago, at Platinum show I got my first ever clear rounds and I got two first places, Ludo showed you that a couple of posts ago. We just went to another show called Wigton and we camped for two nights.

I like camping and guarding the tent, although I don’t like it when Ladee walks away from the tent. I can get out under the tent and I make sure I find her and say ‘here I am!’ At Wigton I got a 1st in Agility and it was a clear round. I ran really fast and so did Ladee and I got lots of cuddles afterwards. I just love cuddles, don’t you? That makes me grade 4! Ladee isn’t sure we are ready for grade 4, but we will just have to be! Because there I am.

Ludo had a nice time at agility too. He enjoys barking at the other dogs that are running and just relaxing. He had some rounds of being silly and having fun and not listening to Ladee but he also had a ‘fantastic’ run a combined 1-5 jumping class and he won it! He already had two other jumping wins. (Ladee says you need an agility win or 3 jumping wins to move up a grade at our level) so he is grade 4 now too. He said he was not about to let me over take him. We went to the presentation and clapped everyone. We like barking when there is clapping.


Here we are, modelling our rosettes and trophies from the last two shows we went to.


I got more rosettes than Ludo! I think I will have to have my own display for rosettes and awards. Ludo has one in the spare bedroom, where he sleeps at night.


Our new friend Sophie, from Pendle Pawtography took some photos of us. I had a bit of a stand off with her big dog Theo. He just got too close to my Mum! I like to protect her and stand between her and other dogs that get too close.

In October Grandpaw came with us to a show and we stayed in a pub over night. It was something called a ‘good experience’ for me. I was a little bit unsure but Ludo is always so relaxed when we do anything new that I knew nothing bad could happen.

Since Grandpaw was there he managed to record some videos of us and we have some from other friends of Mum’s too. None of them are our winning runs, but you can still see us, if you like.

Hm, Ladee will have to get another video of me to show you!

There you go, that’s my official, agility update.

Platinum Agility show

Hurro Effurryone!

It me, Ludo! I has not blogged for a couple of weeks because Mum has beed ill but I wanted to tell you about a couple of weekends ago, when I went to an agility competition.

It be up in Scotland over on the East border in a nice place called Kelso. Mum entered it before I got my diagnosis but I am still doing fine so we could still go.


Arran and TND comed too and we stayed in a hotel for a couple of nights. TND stayed at the hotel and went for bird watching walks and relaxed whilst we went to the show. The weather be just perfect for me. No rain, but not too hot.

We started off with a jumping round each and we both got a clear round (no faults). Mum be very pleased, especially with Arran as it be his first ever clear round! Mum decided to trust him to get his own weave entry and she tried to run fast so Arran could not get distracted. We had a wait for our next classes so Mum had some breakfast and helped on a ring and then we had more jumping rounds. We both got clears again because we is amazing! Mum did not know what came over Arran. I had gived him a stern talking to about not being silly in the ring!

We did our agility classes next and I did a couple of things which were really Mum’s fault for calling me off too quick and so I got a refusal on a jump and then had to redo my weaves acoss I stopped to bark at Mum and came out of them. Arran went round a jump and also got a refusal. We both got E’d on our last agility, it be a quite fiddly course though so we did not expect too much from Mum in being able to get us around it. BOL!

Whilst Mum sat around she heard Arran’s name called out and she could not believe it, he had got a 1st place! Then Arran got another! He also got a second place for his agility. Show off! Arran has some points for his record book now. He seems to really be enjoying agility now and not finding it so overwhelming, he does be faster than me, but doesn’t do tellings him that, ok? I got a first place in my first jumping round too Mum got a little bit teary when she got my rosette but she managed not to make too much of a spectacle.



I is still the best dog, Ok, Arran?

Whilst we were away at the hotel Mum promised us a ‘no posing’ day.

So here be some photos from where we stayed at the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel. You can see the ruins of the Abbey from the hotel. We had a very dog friendly hotel, we could eat with our pawrents in the bistro and we could go in all the places in the hotel except the restaurant and one lounge. We had a lot of fun trying out an old wooden revolving door, I learnt to put my nose right on the edge and push it. The hotel had a swimming pool for the humans too.

And here some walkies we did nearby. I decided halfway across the bridge that it did be scary but Mum comed back and walked with me and I ok then. We did not even bark at the statues in the ‘muses temple’ that we found. It a lovely riverside walk with lots of flowers and wildlife. Mum and TND decided that we must go on a local hol-ee-day again soon.

I will add it to my bucket list!

What a great weekend!

~Lickies, Ludo!

Crufts 2015!

Hello, It’s me, Arran. You know, it’s not long to go now until the Winner of Crufts 2015 is announced! Mum Ladee says that it wont be me. I don’t know why I can’t win, but I suppose you do have to be there.

There’s been some lovely dogs picked as Best in Group so far, although not a sheltie, we think they all look very nice dogs. The Sheltie winner, Sid, was a very nice dog and he met the host of Crufts on the TV. I would not like to do that though. I live up to the breed standard of ‘being reserved around strangers’. Although, I am not reserved once you get to know me! We especially loved the happy smiley Flat Coated Retriever.

We know some at our dog training club and they are just as happy! Although I do sometimes have to tell Brody off cos he is a bit big and bouncy and I am the fun police you know. Who will win the toy and utility groups? Mum always likes the poodles.

You can watch the live stream from the main arena on YouTube. All day long! You can also see the other days too.

Group winners

Group winners

Of course, we’ve been enjoying watching the Agility. I could so do that! I am getting very good at agility now. Although I don’t think our Mum will ever get up to the standard of the Crufts handlers. Ludo is not very good at watching TV. He does not usually do it. He is so close his eyes are boggling.


This video below would probably happen to my Ladee. Wasn’t the border collie very nice to go check she was ok?

Crufts has been sharing some really cool videos.

Hey Ladee, I want one of those GoPro’s!

Pawsome! I hope I get to go next year. Although Mum says it would be too busy and stressy for me and Ludo would enjoy it much more, I am sure I would like it. Don’t you think? Off to go do some training now. ~Wiggles, Arran!

Agility Fun Comp

Dee here to tell you about our agility day. Our dog club hosts an annual fun competition, between us and other clubs in the area. Unfortunately we are the smallest club and since our dogs train there all the time are more likely to slack off, so we usually come last and this year was no exception. But we still all really enjoy it and the show like atmosphere is great training for new dogs like Arran. Thank you to Brendan Ashton from Barrow DTC for the use of the photos!


The boys enjoyed themselves. It was Arran’s first go at a competition and his first time doing a full set of jumps as opposed to just little handling sequences.


Ludo especially had a great time, since he got a treat bonanza. He did his first jumping run, which was a very nice clear, in which he got a 5th place. I put him back in the car and waited for the jumps to go down to small. When I got back to the car, Ludo had jumped through the gap onto the drivers seat, as he often does, but this time he’d gotten the treat bag (with magnetic closing) out of my back pack and had eaten all the treats. I was very annoyed! Poor Arran didn’t have any treats for his first run. Ludo did have the decency to look a little bit guilty but I think he felt very pleased with himself!



luagility5Arran did not too bad on his first run, considering the no treats. He waited at a line of three jumps until called and didn’t go around the first one, which he sometimes tries to do when he’s in a wait, but for some reason went around the last jump of the three twice before going over. I suspect he saw something interesting that made him veer off. He didn’t do his weave entry correctly until I switched to the left hand side but over all it wasn’t bad and the judge who trains with us said well done.



I was able to walk to the local shop and get some ham and cheese for later on and you know what? I put some ham into my bag and zipped the rest into my backpack and when next I visited the car, Ludo had once again, opened the back pack and eaten the ham! I don’t know how he’s doing it and he wont tell but he’s about to lose his sitting on the back seat at shows privilege.

I didn’t get a chance to walk the Agility round for Ludo, on account of going to the shop, so considering I got last half way through he did everything I asked of him.


Good contact Ludo!

Arran’s agility run was a non starter as he left the ring to look at a photographer and then skidaddled his way to the back of the field, so I left the ring and recalled him, a few people with newbie dogs were carrying on after incidents like that, but I do not want Arran to think that is acceptable behaviour, so if he wants to do his own thing then he doesn’t get to have fun doing agility. He’s never completely dashed off in training so it just shows with the busier atmosphere how different it is for the dogs.


Going to see the ‘tog


Disappearing into the distance.

I think it made a difference as the next run was the pairs, and it was a similar course to the agility and aside from going past the A frame (which I didn’t mind as he’s only done it a couple of times in training) he did pretty well and listened, only getting slightly distracted a couple of times. We skipped the seesaw, since we are still training that. Ludo did fab in the pairs with our friends George and her westie Ruby, it was a lovely fast, flowy course and I just made one mistake, not cueing him for the tunnel quickly enough so he off shot it. But we came 4th in that.




Lastly there was a ’round the clock’ game. 10 jumps and two tunnels in a circle with a cone in the middle and you had to go around the cone before taking each jump in sequence and coming in through the gap each time. Arran just about managed it, although he was very wide on account of looking at things. Ludo did very well and enjoyed going round the cone, although I think he got a bit fed up by the end and had a look of ‘we’ve done this enough now, Mum.’ but it was a fun handling exercise anyway.


The clock

I’ll leave you with this shot Brendan got of Arran. Do you think he shut his eyes and hoped for the best?


Lune Valley Agility Show

Hurro, it me, Ludo! Last weekend Me and Mum went to another agility show that our… 4th show this year. We camped. We were supposed to camp for 2 nights but the first night it be raining and windy so Mum decided to get up early in the morning instead. We got two lovely days of weather, although a bit too hot for me on the Sunday. It the biggest show we been to with 10 rings and lots of camping. Mum almost got lost a few times.


Our club ran a ring on saturday so Mum had a busy day helping out and doing my runs. We did pretty well and got a 3rd place and a 1st place in jumping with a clear round. I only got 1 E and just for a silly mistake.

Mum went and got some dinner and a glass of wine and we went for a nice walk along the canal and then we retired to the tent.

lunecanalboat lunecanal



I be very wored out!

We got up next morning and Mum decided to just stay for a couple of runs since we had to go do some weddingy stuff elsewhere with TND later. It got pretty hot so I did not feel like running so I plodded round my first run and knocked a pole off. Later Mum went to say bye to everyone and noticed the score sheets up and I had got a 1st place. She said I did not deserve it cos I had so many faults but everyone else in my grade had got eliminated so I still got my prize. Mum’s trainer said ‘well, he was still the best dog on the day’. I think I the best everyday!

I cheered up a bit after Mum got me some super delicious treats so we did one more run afore going home and I did it pretty well, only Mum tried to go really fast so I popped out the tunnel the same way I went in. I didn’t get e’d but it a fast course so no chance of a prize.



Look at my fancy glasses. Yup, Arran barking in the background, he wanted to come too but Mum said he’d just get bored until he can take part himself.

~lickies, Ludo