Cogra moss

Hurro, it me Ludo!

We has beed enjoying some lovely sunshine here, and what with is being the North of England and all we really has to make the most of the sunshine. Usually it a bit wetter.

Like a few weeks ago when we wented for a walk at a place called Cogra Moss. Cogra Moss a Tarn, which like a little lake, near the village of Cockermouth. Mum liked this little tarn cos she could walk all around it without needing to be a superfit walker (which she not be!)


We had a very nice time. It like a real life agility course. Of course Arran tries to copy me a lot but usually if I go over he go under.

cogramoss5 cogramoss4

Cogra Moss had some storm damage from our bad windy winter but the ‘peoples’ whoever they be had cleared the path for us.





This bridge did not look very useful!cogramoss2




cogramoss10 copy



Of course I got to do swimmings!
And we had to pose nicely.


~Lickies, Ludo!