Love where you Live – Winner!

Hurro, it me Ludo! I is here to announce the winner of my birthday competition ‘Love where you live’. Thank you to all my furiends for helping me celebrate and showing me where you live. I has really loved exploring the places with you! I wish I could go see them all but the piccures is almost just as good.

Hover over the photos for information or click to make them bigger.


Mum picked out card numbers 1 – 10 and gave everyone a number adsc_0060nd shuffled them up and I picked one out. Well, I kind of pulled out two, since they stuck together with my saliva so I pulled out number 7 and the piccure what we used for 10 (Uno does not have 10’s) so if Guinness and Speedy could get your peoples to message┬áme your a

ddresses I will send you some Cumbrian things so you can have a little bit of where I love!


Thanks you so much again for helping me celebrate my birthday!

~Lickies, Ludo!



pee ess: Some of our lovely entries keep their own blogs where I is sure you can see more photos of the wonderful places they come from.