Love where you live – Birthday contest entries

Hurro! Ludo here!

You may know I is doing a birthday giveaway . All you has to do is send me a picture to of you (your pet if you is a human) appreciating the area where you live and you can win some stuff from where I live, here in Cumbria. I has already had some wonderful entries!

Hover over the photos for information or click to make them bigger.

Beckett and Keltic entered a few photos of them enhancing the Canadian scenery and their Mom gave some links too which I thought you might like to see.¬†–¬†

How will we ever choose a winner!

~Lickies, Ludo!

pee ess: Some of our lovely entries keep their own blogs where I is sure you can see more photos of the wonderful places they come from.


My Birthday! Win Prizes!

Hurro Efurryone!

Today be a very special day because it my Birthday!


‘Me’ – Ludo’s 8th Birthday

I is a whole 8 years old. Mum says 8 be a very lucky number because 7 a lucky number and she always says ‘plus one more for luck.’

Since it such a special day (and we missed my birthday last year acoss of my pawrents getting married) we is going to do a lot of celebrating over the next couple of weeks. Grandma already got me a card and treat and Mum gonna take me out to pick a present tomorrow! Birthdays is very fun, they is like mini Christmasses that you all can join in with!

If you would like to join in and do helpings of the celebrations you can take part in my birthday give-away.

Since my blog not only about me, it about the place where we live (Cumbria) we would like to use my birthday to celebrate Cumbria. We have some wonderful little prizes for your peoples from one of our favourite Cumbrian companies Herdy. Plus I will pick out some treats for you too.


All you has to do is send us a picture of you appreciating where you live, maybe enhancing some scenery… like this. (Thanks to my pal Bertie for the description)

I lives in the Lake District

Or of you with something your area is famous for (for us that could be Cumberland sausage, or Herdwick sheep). You can send the pictures in to or if it is easier, click on our facebook link over to the side there and post the photos on our page.

I will get Mum to help me post the photos over the next couple of weeks and we will pick a winner before Arran’s birthday on the 15th of May.

I is hoping Mum will let me bring some of my friends over for a party like this one too.

~Lickies, Ludo!

The winner is…

I’m sure everyone is eager to see who won the tickets to Crufts at the NEC in Birmingham? And perhaps more importantly, who won the right to pull a name out of the hat?

The contestants

The contenders

Ludo has the experience, but Arran has the youthful enthusiasm.


Ludo, slightly ahead


Level pegging?




Arran wins!

“Victory! I always win because I push Ludo out the way and I am a fast Little Scamp! Hurrah! I has never picked a name out of a hat, it sounds exciting!” Presenting, the winner of the Crufts tickets… all the names in a hat. Who will get to go?? Arran thinks he should… maybe next year.

DSC_0035. 2651_Web_260x300

Congratulations Ruth, I’ll send you an email to arrange getting the tickets to you. I’m totally jealous by the way, since I can’t make it this year. Thanks everyone for joining in. You can of course, by tickets by clicking on the banner above. Look out for more of our Crufts posts coming soon!

P.s. Arran was a little unsure about getting the names out because the first time, this happened… and he doesn’t like to get things wrong.

(So apologies for all the people who got picked out of the hat first, but I only had one pair of tickets, so decided to actually go with the one Arran ‘chose’, I did make sure I put them all back in though. Sorry also to Ludo for getting moved out the way there, but he’s used to it. :p)