Have a Happy Crispmas!

Hurro Efurrybody!


From all of us to all of you, Merry Crisp mas!

You might has been wondering where did I be this Crisp mas season, since -of course- Crispmas, be my favourite time of the year!

Well, our home area of Cumbria had some pretty bad flooding, thankfully our house and village be totally fine (apart from getting very wet and windy), but our phone line (and internet) went down and it only just got fixed yesterday. But let me assure you, I has been getting into the Crispmas spirit.

I can go for walks again now, although not too far.


Wast water

So that good! I get tired pretty easily indoors but I make sure I snudsc_1370.jpgggle up to Mum and Dad a lot and get all the sympathies and attentions I deserve. I like to use the ‘stick then carrot’ approach to getting strokings. Scratch peoples with paw, then try a little lick. I has been being a bit particular about my food the past few days and not eating very much, refusing my dinners, and eating treats only if they┬áreally tempting but the vet gived me some B12 to make me more hungry and I have eaten my proper food today. I made sure I supervised the present wrapping. We still has Auntie Toni and family and dogs staying with us over Christmas so we had extra wrapping to do this year. I look like I is not paying much attention there but I made sure when ever anything that looked like it might be a present for ME appeared that I went over to Mum and stood on the wrapping paper and generally helped her decide who should get the best presents.

We did some nice christmasy things, ready for crisp mas, like going to my dog club party. I just had to sit and watch but I still got treats.

So everyone, from all of us here at Seaside Shelties, please has a very Merry Crisp mas!


Faline and Molly


Cousins Ben, Poppy and Arran and Me!

~Lickies, Ludo!