Family Walk at Ennerdale

Hurro! Ludo here!

Last weekend some of Mum’s sisters visited and so we had a big family walk at Lake Ennerdale. Auntie Toni couldn’t come but Mum’s nieces and nephew brought Poppy along. Poppy is the other sheltie who looks a bit like Arran.

Grandpawents dog Rusty comed too and we met Auntie Tracey’s dog Wilbur who be a shitzu x yorkshire terrier and Auntie Tricia had Lily who a staffie x jack russel. It be a typical Cumbrian day. Not quite raining but just about to. Although it did get a bit sunnier at the end.

Here we is!


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All around Ennerdale

Hurro, it me, Ludo!

Long time readers may has noticed that we go walk at a particular lake called Ennerdale quite a lot?



It nearby and very pretty, and quite quiet because a lot of the regular Lake District tourists doesn’t go that way and TND’s Mum lived there before she went to the Bridge so we could go for cups of tea after walking and she never minded how muddy we got.

We went a different route this time. Usually we park up, walk along the front of the lake, go for a swim, then go for a walk in the surrounding woods. (paw prints) or sometimes we walk along one side and back, or we has also parked up a stream called Smithy Beck and gone down to the lake that way. (the yellow two different routes)

Thanks Google maps

Thanks Google maps

A couple of weeks ago Mum decided that she has lived in Cumbria long enough (she used to be a southerner) that she should have climbed Scafell Pike by now. Scafell Pike be the highest mountain in England and nearly every Cumbrian Mum meets has gone up it, so she said she must too, to be a proper Cumbrian. TND looked a bit sceptical, since Mum not really the climby, adventurous type. I does not think me and Mum has ever climbed a real mountain! TND said we had better get in training with more challenging walks (for Mum) first… so this weekend we walked ALL the way around Ennerdale. It about 7 miles and some bits is a little climby and stoney. Mum only tooked her phone for photos, but here you is.

DSC_0011 DSC_0010 DSC_0014

When we set off it beed very misty, but it lifted in the valley and it beed mostly sunny, still frosty in places and some wet bits still frozen, Mum told me to walk like a penguin cos that how you not slip apparently. I has four paw drive so I did ok and Arran never seems to complain about anything! We just had one scary bit where we had to climb down a steep bit called Anglers Crag (we should has gone up, not down Arran new the right way, but he followed us. Mum worried about the slippy rocks, so she sat down and kind of scooted down.) Me and Arran could not make the step across, but it ok, TND and mum helped us.


Anglers cragg ahead

.DSC_0016 DSC_0018


The mist came in some parts, but it never came right down so we could see the pretty scenery all the time. Arran does not be in all the photos cos he likes to go off to the sides to has a good sniff around, or he stays with Mum or goes ahead, he is always trot trot trot all over the place. I is a wise growed up dog now and I knows to conserve my energy.DSC_0023


The people who in charge of looking after Ennerdale put big stones along the path wherever a stream comes down into the lake so people can still use the paths. We think the steppy stones be really fun, just like natural agility. On this walk we did not has too much trouble with the streams, they probably all frozen higher up, but it can get VERY wet!

Steppy stones

Steppy stones

Of course, we stopped for lunch/snacks when we got half way round. TND gived us that whole bag, even though he not supposed to. That just one reason why I love him!  We did the second half a lot quicker cos it not steep and it be proper paths for people with wheelchairs or prams. You can see the field we stopped in on the last pic.




I sure hopes you enjoyed my tour around Ennerdale! One of the stars in the map piccure goes into the water. That’s cos I went into the water! Mum did not let me has a good swim though, in case my legs be tired. I still did not want to get back in the car though!

~Lickies, Ludo!

Sheltie Shin-Dig – Part 2

If you didn’t see part 1, it’s here.

Our sheltie meet with the dog’s family continued the next day with a walk at Ennerdale Lake. Foxy and his parents had to go home so they didn’t come to this one unfortunately. Now… the sun was out in the morning, but typically, with the northern weather that pretty much changed as we got to the lake. Well, as I always tell visitors to the area, we have to fill the lakes up somehow!

I was in charge of TND’s camera (mine is still broken) this time and I’m not great with it, he did take the group shots at the end though.

Arran took some time to have a good sniff of Beryl this time. Did he remember her? I like to think so. I heard the other day that litter mates remember each other’s smell for about 2 years.

puppy photos courtesy of Laura. 

1048643_10200571635066692_1014702360_o 1064176_10200690931209021_19532638_o


Remember me?

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Counting down to Crispmas

I is not teaching Arran anything about Crisp mas. I think it better all around if he does not know about it existing. So far I has done pretty well keeping him away from any thing looking like a present by showing him my Very Mean Teeth.

Mean teeth

Mean teeth

Because of course all presents has to be for me!

I even has to share my advent calendar!

How many days left Mum?

How many days left Mum?

Mum always likes to do christmassy things, so last weekend we wented to Muncaster Castle’s Taste Cumbria fayre. Mum bought some goodies for some peoples, sadly, they did not have any dog stuff there, but we had a nice time anyway. There beed a really big snowman and fairy and school children playing in a band. My rabbit-dog brofur and sisfur got some willow too.

Speaking of bands, a couple of weeks ago Mum and TND went to go see TND’s brother who lives in a place called Liverpool. There a place you can go to listen to music called a ‘Royal philharmonic hall’ and so they wented to that. And cos Mum and TND had just got back from a weekend away and felt bad leaving us again, we got to go!

First, we spent the day in Kendal, whilst waiting for TND’s brother to finish work. Mum likes shopping in Kendal. I just like doing anything with my peoples! Mum thinks it a shame Kendal does not be as dog friendly as Keswick. We had to wait outside some shops. (not by ourselves)

window shopping

window shopping

But we did manage to find a very nice cafe! Farrer’s coffee shop did be dog friendly, and there even beed another puppy in there hasing his first time in a cafe, just like Arran. Arran beed such a chicken and sat on Mum’s lap!

DSC_0463 DSC_0462 DSC_0458

So she could not take any photos of us inside there, but it beed very nice and ‘oldy worldy’. with funny shaped rooms and ‘beams’ on the ceilings. I only really cared about making friends with the lady next to us, you never know if she might has wanted to share her sausage sandwich.

We went for a nice walk when we got to TND’s brothers house and got really good and muddy, then we stayed in whilst the peoples went out.


Mum said they really enjoyed listening to the orchestra and singers. It be the John Wilson Orchestra. We enjoyed sleeping!

Today Mum went out and did the last of her Crisp mas shopping. I bet she got some things for me cos I could smell it in the bag so I shouted at Arran and made him stay out of the kitchen until Mum moved the bags. Mum said she seed a sign what said ‘Dear Santa, leave the presents, take my brother.’ but she did not get me it.

I suppose he ok. Mum calls this our bunk beds.

In other-other news. We had some pretty windy weather here! 

But it only lasted one day.

Although this weekend Ennerdale lake did has some waves!

Waves on lake.

Did I still go in?

Of course!

~Lickies, Ludo

Frosty Ennerdale

We has some other posts to do which take place before this one, so if you look later and think that Arran has shrunk, doesn’t be doing alarmings!

On Remembrance Sunday we went for a nice walk at Ennerdale lake and our people remembered all those who made enjoying it possible. Me and Arran just did the enjoying part.

Mum’s camera wont charge up, so these is all from her phone.

DSC_0350 DSC_0389 DSC_0355 DSC_0384DSC_0359Come on Mum!

Someone had a fire nearby and the smoke travelled along the frosty ground and made this weird effect.




Mum felt like she in a music video walking through it. I is sure Bertie would be able to tell us how it happened, TND did tell us but we kinda zoned him out.

Remember the steps to this bridge? Arran could not do them last time. Now? DSC_0352


Not a problem! He has even learnt how to go DOWN!

He has not learnt how to go ‘in’ yet though, here he be, telling me off for going in the water.

DSC_0368 DSC_0370 DSC_0369 DSC_0371 DSC_0373 DSC_0372

Haha Arran, I can swim and you casnottttt!


He actually getting pretty big now. When he walks under me he can push me up!

DSC_0379 DSC_0378 DSC_0376

Mum liked how he matched the colours.

DSC_0392 DSC_0394 DSC_0395 DSC_0391

Mum loves Autumn! One thing about living by the beach be she doesn’t get to see the trees changing colour.


Home time!

Arran be half a year old today! Mum tooked him to the vets. BOL! He doing very well and a good healthy size. He just has a couple of issues with 2 teeth not coming out yet and looks like only one of his ‘plums’ has dropped. We is keeping an eye. I told Mum to tell the vet about him pulling all my tail furs out too, but Mum said the vet did not care. humph.

~lickies, Ludo