Eskdale with Poppy

Hello, It’s me, Arran, again.

I am going to tell you about how last week we took Mum’s niece Abi and cousin Poppy the puppy Sheltie out with us to go on a nice fun long walk around Eskdale. They is settling into their new home in Cumbria very nicely and we is all trying to show them the sights.

Well, I guess I told you it all already so I will show you some photos too!


Eskdale is a valley that you can do lots of different walks in. It doesn’t have a lake but it has lots of nice streams and rivers.

It has a really super fun one, with stepping stones in it. I am the only dog who can get all the way across without touching the water! Ludo can get across to the one Abi (holding Poppy) is standing on and then he jumps into the water and just walks across. Poppy can only do the first two and then she had to be carried.


Look at me go!


I guess they are pretty big for a puppy. We went across and came back again, since we did not want to go that way.

We had a very nice walk in the sunshine, it was just before Ludo went away for the day and came back all sulky with thorns in his belly. So at least we had a nice time together before then. Poppy is getting much braver at going past other people and dogs too.

I cannot wait until Ludo can go on walks with us again!

Wiggles, Arran!