I be very good at getting treats

Treats is just about my most favourite thing and I will do pretty much anything for one!
It even better if it something I like doing for a treat.

At the weekend Mum and Me and Arran went to an agility show, we did not camp but we went and slept at Grandpawents house the night before since they lived close to the show.

On the first day I did not do very well, I went a bit nuts in my first go and got lots of refusals at the weaves and then I went a bit slowly, although I did get one clear round. On the second day Mum thought about not going, since it gonna be hot and stuff, but she had agreed to help on a ring so we went anyway and Mum had better treats so I decided to be more focused and look what we got!

1st!, 1st, 1st!

Our first 1st place!! Three of them! Mum said something about buses but we came in a car… After 2 runs Mum went to check on the results and I had 10 faults (a knocked pole and a refusal) and 9 time faults. So we went and tooked Arran for a walk and we heard my name called out! After that my next two runs went really well! All my firsts be in graded classes so not up against that many dogs, 2 1st’s in agility and one in jumping. In my jumping I got 5 faults for a refusal but in my second agility 1st I got a clear round, so now I is grade 2! Mum thought we would probably stay in grade 1 forever, so I sure showed her!

Arran liked watching but he did start getting a bit of a fusspot and wanting to sit right on Mum and get cuddles when she came to see us at the car.

In other news that little Scamp be really needing a lot of grooming right now. Mum says she prefers that to it being shed all over the floor. I dunno who she thinks sheds on the floor cos it casnot be me.


Can you see who’s fur be who? She grooming him in sections, one quarter at a time so he does not get fed up.

Of course, I wanted in on that action! Mum said, ‘But you don’t need grooming Ludo, I did you a couple of day’s ago when I did Arran’s back left quarter. So I jumped on the chair, and then jumped on the table. Those chairs is slippery, you know!

I will get there.

You may be thinking, ‘but Ludo, you hate being brushed!’ Yes, I did do bitings of the brush and squirm and wriggle. Maybe your peoples is thinking I is jealous of the attention Arran be getting? Nope, I just know that after brushing you get a treat, not just any old treat, but a big, good treat, like a pig’s ear or dried sausage! I could not risk Arran getting a treat for putting up with getting brushed and not me, could I?!

See, I will do anything for a treat!

~Lickies, Ludo.


My weird brother Arran really like getting a bath. Sometimes I really wonder where I wented so wrong with him. I tried to teach him how to be a good Shetland Rabbit-dog. I really did.

Here a couple of videos of him younger, I did not to showings afore, because, oh the shame.

They pretty boring but Mum says if you watch the second one my face be funny at the end. That not my funny face. That my not amused face.

He even worse now, he be obsessed with getting in the shower. He even tries to get in the mop bucket and cleaning rabbits room bucket. Mum has to put him in his crate when she does cleanings.

He even like getting brushed. Mum has decided not to take us to the groomers anymore as they always cut a bit extra off. She been practicing grooming us properly. Much to my dismays! Here you can see how much fur Arran has pulled off my poor tail. I pulled a bit out of his tail at the beach the other day, it got stucked in my teeths. Mum says my Tail furs do be growing back though.

I does like to get on the brushing (dining) table, just so I can get off again and get a treat! Arran likes the brushing at first but after a while he tries to make Mum pick him up by climbing into Mum’s arms.

Anyway this be good practice for when Mum goes to Crufts next weekend and sees all them super preened dogs. Without me!

arranpose arranposeface ludopose ludoposeface

Mum gotted those flowers for her birthday a couple of weeks ago. She only has one year left of her 20’s.

~Lickies, Ludo

pee ess: In case I doesn’t get another post in afore then, from next thursday Mum will be at Crufts Live blogging. It her first go at doing it, so wish her luck.

pee pee ess: I is not visiting at the moment. We has some sad stuffs going on with our people family and we is trying to be good supportive doggies and helping our peoples not be sad.