Very Hot Haws nature reserve in Barrow


This be another post from the summer that I didn’t get to do IN the summer (such a slacker Mum I has). Mum and TND had to run an errand in Barrow and so they tooked us along and we went to Haws Nature reserve in Barrow. It be all sand dunes and interesting and very different to our usual walks.

It did not supposed to be so hot but it got VERY hot whilst we be walking so we had to be careful not to run around and keep refreshed. I get a lot hotter than Arran, poor me and then I feel very fed up. Even though I does really like sunbathing. What can i say, I is a complicated dog.

Luckily, dunes being right by a beach you get lots of cool down time and we did not walk too long.


Something behind me?

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