In the Garden

We have had a lovely, sunny, bank holiday weekend so far in Cumbria. It’s kind of unusual to get nice weather on bank holidays in England! I’m not sure if other countries have bank holidays, but I know the US at least has public holidays, so this bank holiday is a replacement for  Whitsun Sunday for us. Is it for you?

Bank holidays usually mean we get very busy at work, but we still got to enjoy some sunshine in our garden. We had a picnic.

Molly and Faline, The Rabbit-dogs, are getting quite old now. Molly will be 11 in August and he is really feeling his age now. He was a bit worried to find himself in the garden at first, as Faline hopped away and left him on his own on the lawn, but I put him in the flower bed and put Faline next to him and he felt her with his whiskers and followed her under the buddleia bush and then he was quite content to enjoy the sunshine with us. When the rabbits are in the garden if the shadow of a seagull goes over they run for cover. They must still have that prey instinct to hide from raptors.

No great shots of the boys as they stayed about 2 inches away from the picnic blanket hoping for treats the whole time.




Pretty Faline



Loves his TND


Faline showing off her little white belly. 

Arran was there too!

We all had a nice rest in the warm spring sunshine. Our garden is finally coming back to life and maybe not as dead as we first thought after the rain/floods and winds of winter. We did have to replace a couple of favourite bushes and the weeds sure are recovering well, but at least plants are resilient!

Last summer we dug a little wildlife pond. It still needs bedded in properly but Mr. Toad has already found it!


I hope we get lots more days to enjoy the garden but I thought I’d better make the most of this one, just in case!


Easter (single) Seaside Sunday!

Phew, that was a jawful of words to say!

It’s me, Arran! I get to blog today because Ludo is sulking.


Something is wrong with Ludo again and I do not like it! No one will let me help. If I try and investigate where Ludo smells funny and is hurting he shows mean teeth to me and if he doesn’t Ladee and Dad tell me to leave him alone. I look at him and then I whine at Mum Ladee and walk backwards. That is how I get her attention and tell her I am worried. She says he will be ok. Ludo is sulking because he says he has horrible things stuck in him again,  all across his belly, like thorns in your paw and if only he was allowed to pull them out he knows he would be ok! It sounds horrible to me! I do not like getting anything stuck on me, not even on my fur! I stop and wait until Dad or Mum pull it off of me. I don’t know why they don’t pull out the things that are bothering Ludo. Also, he is hogging all the attention and cuddles and he is always sitting on Mum’s lap!

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Presents under the Tree


It’s me, Big Scamp, Arran!

This Christmas thing is a whole lot of fun, isn’t it? Who knew it would happen every year? Now it’s almost over again. You’d think Ludo would tell me these things! This was my second Christmas and my first as a not Little Scamp. Molly and Faline, my rabbit toys have had a LOT of Christmases, Molly (who is a boy) has had 9 and Faline (who is girl) has had 8 now! What a lot! I don’t know who I like best, Molly has nice floppy ears but Faline runs around more and I like to run around behind her, I am not allowed to chase though.

Molly and Faline came downstairs for our Christmas photo shoot and it was such a lot of fun! I am smiling really biggly in the photo from last post because I am right next to them and not getting told off or anything! It was fun to run around with them in the big living room and I ran back upstairs with them too when they got carried back up. I don’t know why they don’t come down all the time! Molly told me that stairs that go down are like a magical mountain that you cannot use but I can go down them just fine. I first learnt on holiday and I do remember thinking down stairs were very scary when I was a very little Scamp and the Rabbits are very little.

Molly and Faline had a nice time hanging out with the presents under the tree. They are my present everyday because they are fun and I like to eat their food. (I have two of their Science Selective pellets when I get into my bed every night.)


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Good bye Summer…


It me, Ludo! On Sunday our ‘clocks go back’ well, not ours, cos we will still get up at the same time, but on Sunday when we get up I bet mum will say, ‘no boys, the clocks have gone back and we get another hour in bed!’ So that mean it officially the end of summer. We has had a very nice summer. Lots of doings in it and lots of busy people, but lots of sunshine too. We gots to spend some of it just relaxing in our garden. Faline and Molly gots to spend some time outside too.

DSC_0433 DSC_0430 DSC_0429 DSC_0428 DSC_0427 DSC_0392 DSC_0398 DSC_0400

Grandpawents and Rusty camed for some bar-be-ques. They is my favourite!


Good bye summer, come visit us in Cumbria again soon! We is doing missings of you already!

~Lickies, Ludo

The rabbits – by Arran

Hello everyone, It is me, the Medium sized Scamp, Arran!

I am going to tell you something very important. All about some  toys Ladee keeps trapped all the way up and up the stairs. She gets very bossy about them, they are so very fun and interesting that as soon as I get a chance I run up the stairs as fast as I can. I am very fast and squiggly! Then I have to run up the next lot of stairs even quicker! Sometimes they are shut in their room and I bark at the door for Mum ladee to come and let them out. Sometimes they are out anyway and ladee comes upstairs after me and spoils my fun.

Ludo says they are called rabbit-dogs and they are my brofur and sisfur. They bounce around like little puppies and they have food up there, they are VERY exciting! I think they are cruelly imprisoned and I do not know why ladee keeps them trapped up there when they cannot get down. (They are like me, I can only go up right now, So I have to get someone to carry me down by barking very loudly once I get to the top of the stairs, I will not try and go down by myself, oh no.)

DSC_0068 DSC_0065

But don’t worry, I go and see them whenever I can.

At first, when I was just a little scamp, Faline did not like me and she would charge at me and try and get me with her front feet and I was scared and said ‘help me Mum ladee!’ and ladee would pick me up or put me behind her, but now that I am a medium sized scamp I am not scared anymore and Faline has ‘gotten used to me’ and she does not attack me anymore. Ladee is very mean sometimes and says horrible words to me about being something called ‘respectful’ and not chasing the toys. I have no idea what respectful is and I don’t think I need to learn it. It sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it?

All I know is that if I do a good boy sit or lie down and not a running about after Faline, or putting my paws on her or Molly (Molly does not move, if he doesn’t want to no matter what I do, so I can’t chase him) then I get to stay longer.

Here Arran, I'll show you.

Here Arran, I’ll show you.

DSC_0074 DSC_0075

“This what called ‘being respectful’ you has to be polite and pretend to Mum that the rabbit-dogs be the bosses. Otherwise you will get tellings off and no more allowed on the  rabbit-dogs floor.”

DSC_0076 DSC_0082

I can do that Ludo, I will sniff both of your ears!

Now we play Mouthy Jousty?

Now we play Mouthy Jousty?

Ladee did not like that idea. She said ‘no biting near the rabbits’. I think Faline wanted to play too, right?


They went back to their crate and I am not allowed in there, but I did manage to find this toy of theirs. Finders keepers!


Tiring work for a medium sized puppy. Tiring work for a medium sized puppy.

I really like my rabbit-dog brofur and sisfur toys. I even like their pellet food that they get at night and I try and grab a whole mouthful and run away before ladee can stop me. She can be quick when she wants to be though!

I will report more on my bid to free my toys rabbit siblings another time.

-Wiggles, Arran.