Shouty Seaside Sunday (at cancer)

Today, we don’t really want to post; maybe if we don’t, what we have to tell wont really be true.

Ludo’s stitches are all out! He is very pleased about that. He can resume normal life.

Today we normalled.

Today we went back to agility training and Ludo wizzed around the course, having lots of fun.

Today we went to the beach together, the sun was beaming down on us, but it wasn’t too hot. Perfect weather, really.


We didn’t take a ball and Ludo was annoyed about that. He barked accusingly at everyone else who had a ball. He tried to steal a small child’s ball from his flinger stick.

Today we just strolled and thought, smelled the seaside air and sat to watch the world go past.


We don’t know how many Today’s we have left together to enjoy these things. Our vet has recently told us it might not be as many as we would hope for, or like.

Yes, it’s that news we didn’t want to hear. The lesions and lump recently removed from Ludo’s abdomen are the same high grade mast cell tumours as he had removed in November. His prognosis is pretty bleak. Already I have found two more lesions in different places since these ones have been removed. We have promised him no more horrible things will happen at the vets.

Luckily for dogs, they don’t know or care about the future, they live in the Today. So we will keep on enjoying our Todays for as long as we have them.

But for now… will you join us just for a moment, in SHOUTING at stupid cancer?



Go away!

Thank you dear blog pals for your support. I think we might need it in the coming months.

– Blog by Mum, Dee.

Sheltie Shin-Dig – Part 2

If you didn’t see part 1, it’s here.

Our sheltie meet with the dog’s family continued the next day with a walk at Ennerdale Lake. Foxy and his parents had to go home so they didn’t come to this one unfortunately. Now… the sun was out in the morning, but typically, with the northern weather that pretty much changed as we got to the lake. Well, as I always tell visitors to the area, we have to fill the lakes up somehow!

I was in charge of TND’s camera (mine is still broken) this time and I’m not great with it, he did take the group shots at the end though.

Arran took some time to have a good sniff of Beryl this time. Did he remember her? I like to think so. I heard the other day that litter mates remember each other’s smell for about 2 years.

puppy photos courtesy of Laura. 

1048643_10200571635066692_1014702360_o 1064176_10200690931209021_19532638_o


Remember me?

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Sheltie Shin-dig – part 1

Hello, Dee here, taking over the blog for a couple of posts. Over New Year we had a very special event! The Elanmore people (Elanmore is Ludo and Arran’s kennel name, if you are new to the blog) – Katharine, Laura and Jack, came on holiday near us again and so we got to have a couple of Sheltie meets! They brought their dogs; Becky and Charlie who’ve been on the blog before and Arran’s litter sister Beryl and his younger sister Phoebe! We were also joined in this part by his younger brother Foxy (Phoebe and Foxy are litter mates) and Foxy’s owners Anna and Bob, they also live in Cumbria. It was a real sheltie fest and lots of fun! Anna showed us some photos of her previously beloved shelties, one was very like Ludo, and it was wonderful hearing all about them, they really do seem to be a breed that stays in your heart.


Foxy, Phoebe, Arran, Ludo, Beryl, Becky and Charlie!

I asked Katharine what all their kennel club name’s were so they are… “Foxy’s name is Elanmore Encore, Phoebe’s Elanmore Exactly Right, Arran’s Elanmore Beach Boy, Ludo’s Elanmore Blue Flash, Beryl’s Elanmore Beach Babe (of course after you wanted to name Arran Beach Boy it had to be!) and Becky’s is Elanmore Royal Empress.” Poor Charlie got half cut off the photo! I’d look out for Beryl and Phoebe’s name as I think they are going to start showing soon. 🙂

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My weird brother Arran really like getting a bath. Sometimes I really wonder where I wented so wrong with him. I tried to teach him how to be a good Shetland Rabbit-dog. I really did.

Here a couple of videos of him younger, I did not to showings afore, because, oh the shame.

They pretty boring but Mum says if you watch the second one my face be funny at the end. That not my funny face. That my not amused face.

He even worse now, he be obsessed with getting in the shower. He even tries to get in the mop bucket and cleaning rabbits room bucket. Mum has to put him in his crate when she does cleanings.

He even like getting brushed. Mum has decided not to take us to the groomers anymore as they always cut a bit extra off. She been practicing grooming us properly. Much to my dismays! Here you can see how much fur Arran has pulled off my poor tail. I pulled a bit out of his tail at the beach the other day, it got stucked in my teeths. Mum says my Tail furs do be growing back though.

I does like to get on the brushing (dining) table, just so I can get off again and get a treat! Arran likes the brushing at first but after a while he tries to make Mum pick him up by climbing into Mum’s arms.

Anyway this be good practice for when Mum goes to Crufts next weekend and sees all them super preened dogs. Without me!

arranpose arranposeface ludopose ludoposeface

Mum gotted those flowers for her birthday a couple of weeks ago. She only has one year left of her 20’s.

~Lickies, Ludo

pee ess: In case I doesn’t get another post in afore then, from next thursday Mum will be at Crufts Live blogging. It her first go at doing it, so wish her luck.

pee pee ess: I is not visiting at the moment. We has some sad stuffs going on with our people family and we is trying to be good supportive doggies and helping our peoples not be sad.

Going to Crufts

Hurro, it me, Ludo!

Mum has beed getting very excited about something happening on the 6th – 9th of March. She says she going to Crufts for the first time ever, and so of course that must mean I be going too!

I packed my bag!

I packed my bag!


Me and Mum always watch Crufts on the TV together, one year she beed poorly sick from work and we stayed tucked up in bed and watched the live stream from beginning to end. You can find the live stream on their website if you is not lucky enough to get to go.

If you doesn’t know much about Crufts, where has you beed? Crufts says it ‘The World’s Largest Dog Show.’ But it so much more than that. If you love dogs, or even like them just a little bit, then you is sure to find something interesting about Crufts. Since this Mum’s first time actually going she will just has to hope that it lives up to her expectations, since she has kind of decided it like her version of paradise, something along the lines of getting really good and muddy on a really long walk with lots of smells to smell, but not hasing a bath afterwards and then getting a big juicy meaty bone after and snuggling down ON the PILLOWS of the people bed to eat the bone!

I sure hope they has a section like that at Crufts for me!

Wait a minute, what’s that Mum? What do you mean I casnot go!! I is a DOG! Only dogs that have qualified for a place can go, and I did not even try to qualify for a place? Humph!

pre-birthday stuffs

Mum better bring me back lots and lots of things from all those buy stuff for your dog stands which I know be at Crufts. Maybe I will sneak little Scamp into her suitcase and I can has a nice break from him at Grandpawents.

He wouldn't, would he?

He wouldn’t, would he?

So what does selfish MUM be looking forward to most?

Mum always likes watching the group judging and trying to say who she think would win and seeing the huge variety of different dogs you can get.

Dog conformation shows get a lot of criticism from people not in the showing community but Mum supports good breeders and really does think the Kennel Club and Crufts be working hard to make help make improvements in attitudes to us dogs (not that I could improve of course!) and make a change towards breeding ‘healthy, happy dogs’ and not just ones who look an exact certain way. (Mum thinks some exhibitors probably see their dogs as ‘works of art’ and changing how they viewed dogs for years and years wont happen over night.) So she looking forward to meeting different breeds and breeders and seeing really good looking dogs! Doesn’t you go getting any ideas Mum!

Of course, she be looking forward to watching the agility! Crufts has agility competitions for various abilities and sizes and teams. Although I is sure it will make Mum feel really useless seeing how really good handlers do things.

And in tribute to my dearly departed friend Honey, we will of course be watching the Freestyle and heel work to music especially since the wonderful Mary Ray be coming to do a cabaret evening for my dog club soon!

Mum will also check out the obedience, especially the ABC categories and Crufts new Obreedience, trying to get dogs who is not Working sheepdogs or border collies to compete.

And of course, just soaking up the general atmosphere!

Mum gonna be blogging, live from Crufts so you can join in and experience it with her. I will be staying at my Grandpawents cos we live far away from Crufts which held at the NEC arena in Birmingham and Mum and TND is staying in a hotel.

If you would like to buy tickets to go to Crufts too, you can get them here. Let Mum know and she will look out for you!

~Lickies, Ludo!

Wilmslow Agility show

Hurro, it me, Ludo!

At the show

A couple of weekends ago me and Mum (and Grandpaw) went to an indoor agility competition run by Wilmslow dog training club. Mum asked Grandpaw to go with us because she a big chicken and gets scared going new places by herself (she probably a sheltie type of people) and it gives Grandpaw something different to do. Grandpaw said he had fun. It my 4th show I entered and my 2nd indoor one.


We had a nice time. Lots of my friends from my club went too so it helped Mum be more relaxed, we did very well as a club and one of my friends even got a 1st! I didn’t get eliminated once, which makes a change from my 3 eliminations at my last indoor show. I still got some points for refusals though, I has to keep Mum on her toes! And I didn’t even leave the rings at all! I is really good at doing the agility parts of agility, I like going on the things called contacts so I tries to go to them whenever I can. For some reason Mum likes me to do the course in a certain order that she must has decided in her head so to be a nice dog I does try to listen to what she says but sometimes she not clear enough to make me want to do what she says.

I got two of those ribbon things that Mum likes. I did not really want them stucked on me though.

I got a second in grade 1 agility (on a 1-3 course) and I got a rosette for a clear round. Mum made sure to pick one up cos she forgot to get me one at West lakes show.

Grandpaw recorded 3 of my runs but on one of them he just recorded the floor so I doesn’t think you want to see that one.

Agility graded 1-3 (Mum note: Ludo got his 2nd place in this one, only 3 grade 1’s didn’t get e’d and no one went clear so I was extra proud of us, I took photos of the score sheet sheets, i’ve tried to blur out other names.)


Agility combined graded 1-3. We like this judge, he overlooked some of my twiddles. (Mum note: One of my fellow club members pointed out that he was ‘kind’ to us here, but I figure he’ll be judging everyone the same and it’s nice for them to ease up on us beginners a bit and I guess it depends on how the rules are interpreted. A different person said that on the previous run we’d been marked tough on the weave refusal so I guess it all evens out in the end, I’ll still take the clear. 😉 )


This jumping graded 1-3.

I went pretty fast here, if I hadn’t got those 10 faults I woulda beed a fast time!


And the last one which Grandpaw did not record, only 5 faults but not so speedy.scoresheet4

When be our next show Mum?

Mum says she going to Crufts soon so will get to watch lots of agility, which she will be doing postings all about. Only I does not get to go!! Not fair!

~Lickies, Ludo