Seaside Sunday – After Storms

Living by the seaside isn’t always so nice. Sometimes we get Sea storms and it gets very windy and too dangerous to go to the beach. The storms always pass and leave a sort of peace behind, but they leave other stuff behind too.


‘All you stones are in the wrong place. Get back to the beach where you belong!’


A strange smelling tree stump. Later a beachcomber will probably come and get this and sell it to someone.


Poor little porpoise got bashed about and washed up. It was long dead by the time we found him, but we felt sad. He should be in the water. He’s the biggest we have seen wash up so far.


All calm again now. Let’s hope it stays that way for a while. 

Beach barking

I hope you has not beed worrying about where I be. We beed all over the place, walking and to agility shows and gardening and stuff like that and just enjoying the nice early summer. Mum said she just lost her blogging mojo for a bit there. I think it cos our camera not working and although Mum takes lots of photos on her phone it hard(er) work to put them on the computer for blogging.

To get me back to it, here some piccures of us on our beach. It be lovely weather here for a long time so we is going lots. Mum be learning to ‘run’ since she decided to enter a charity 5k and Mum does not do ‘running’ so we doing running on the beach (3 times so far). TND going to do it with Mum although he has run an actual marathon before so he pretty good at running. Mum can go about 3k at the moment and there about 4 weeks to go.










I will come visiting you all very soon!
~Lickies, Ludo!

pee ess: Here the ‘run’ Mum doing. She will end up all blotchy like me!