The Rabbits

Husbun and wife

Ludo and Arran have two Rabbit-dog siblings. Molly and Faline… Molly is a boy and Faline is a girl. They are the oldest furries in the family, Molly is 10 and Faline is 9, and must therefore be treated with lots of respect. They live in the house with us, in their own room upstairs… although they don’t usually keep it this tidy.


Bunny house



Rabbit dog interactions.

I surrender!

I do allow the dogs to interact with them, that’s part of the reason for getting a puppy, but the dogs are taught to be respectful, and if they don’t listen to me, Faline boxes their ears. Literally!

2 thoughts on “The Rabbits

  1. Thanks for the story of Ryland, it was inspiring!

    Nice to see the rabbit dogs today too. How is our pal Ludo doing?

    Hugs galore,
    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

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