After Christmas catch up

Hurry Efurryone!

DSC_1496Our guests all left a couple of days ago and they has all moved back in together into their very own home, here in Cumbria, so we will still get to see them lots. Moving from one side of the country to another seems to take a lot of effort. I thinks I’ll stay here forever! I is pleased to have the house back to ourselves, although I think Arran will miss them a lot, especially this little thing. We looked after Poppy for a week whilst the peoples did all the important packing stuff for their move. All they did was play all day. I had to do tellings off of them quite a lot.

Cousin Ben did not be sure he wanted to go! He and Auntie Toni has beed living with us for about 2 months now. He has really perfected that sad labralook. (And the stealing of all our toys, I thinks he takes one out into the garden everyday, and you know, I cannot play with it if it has other dog slobber on! Or drink from the same water.) Anyway, they has all settled into their new home now.


But… I live here now?

DSC_1375We had a very nice, busy Crispmas again. We had four dogs and seven people, including us staying here and we had to go visit grandpawents and TND’s family too. I had a very happy Crispmas. Although I did not eat my dinner I got lots of treats and turkey.DSC_1379

We got a stocking with a toy each and some treats left on the bed for us, that the easiest way to know it finally Crispmas day. I open mine and then I help Mum and TND open theirs. They really like that. Who doesn’t like to has tooth marks in their presents? Usually though they does not have anything very interesting, where as we got a sausage each!

We went round to Grandparents, where Rusty be dressed as Santa Paws. That Dog next to him be Lily, she Auntie Tricia’s new dog. Auntie Tricia went to grandpawents house for dinner too. Arran and I did not really like Lilly, she beed frightened of us. Hehe! She a really squiggly bouncy puppy, just the kind I has to do tellings off to.

Later we went back to our house and opened more presents with Auntie Toni and co. Poppy did not really understand the whole Crispmas thing. I think I understood it right away, even when I did be a little rabbit-dog. Then we went to TND’s family and we got even more presents. Everyone bought us presents because we is special.

I let Arran help open this one

I let Arran help open this one

Turkey for me please!

Turkey for me please!

We had lots of presents to open as TND’s little niece person be 3 now, she had picked us some presents herself. She chose treats and a stag bar, doesn’t that be clever? She calls me Uncle Ludo now. Arran got a bit (very) frightened because he thinks christmas crackers is going to kill him and he had to be picked up on Mum and TND’s lap once they had gone bang at the dinner table and he got soo upset. So they has had to be banned in our house now.

But I had a very nice time and that all that really matters, right?
He did relax enough to come play some games later though. For some reason we kept getting moved out the way when we walked all over these thingies. Human games seem to be very complicated. They had to move these cards over and match them up. It not as good as tug, or bitey face. I think a much more fun game for them would have been taking turns to  stroke Ludo all the time. Don’t you?

Having lots of extra family around sure means we got a good haul this year. Mum only got us about three things!


Hope you had just as nice a time as we did!

~Lickies, Ludo!

pee ess: I is feeling very well and energetic now. I had another couple of days of not feeling great and being sick a lot, but since everyone went home I am feeling really happy! I do like things to be normal.

Have a Happy Crispmas!

Hurro Efurrybody!


From all of us to all of you, Merry Crisp mas!

You might has been wondering where did I be this Crisp mas season, since -of course- Crispmas, be my favourite time of the year!

Well, our home area of Cumbria had some pretty bad flooding, thankfully our house and village be totally fine (apart from getting very wet and windy), but our phone line (and internet) went down and it only just got fixed yesterday. But let me assure you, I has been getting into the Crispmas spirit.

I can go for walks again now, although not too far.


Wast water

So that good! I get tired pretty easily indoors but I make sure I snudsc_1370.jpgggle up to Mum and Dad a lot and get all the sympathies and attentions I deserve. I like to use the ‘stick then carrot’ approach to getting strokings. Scratch peoples with paw, then try a little lick. I has been being a bit particular about my food the past few days and not eating very much, refusing my dinners, and eating treats only if they really tempting but the vet gived me some B12 to make me more hungry and I have eaten my proper food today. I made sure I supervised the present wrapping. We still has Auntie Toni and family and dogs staying with us over Christmas so we had extra wrapping to do this year. I look like I is not paying much attention there but I made sure when ever anything that looked like it might be a present for ME appeared that I went over to Mum and stood on the wrapping paper and generally helped her decide who should get the best presents.

We did some nice christmasy things, ready for crisp mas, like going to my dog club party. I just had to sit and watch but I still got treats.

So everyone, from all of us here at Seaside Shelties, please has a very Merry Crisp mas!


Faline and Molly


Cousins Ben, Poppy and Arran and Me!

~Lickies, Ludo!

Presents under the Tree


It’s me, Big Scamp, Arran!

This Christmas thing is a whole lot of fun, isn’t it? Who knew it would happen every year? Now it’s almost over again. You’d think Ludo would tell me these things! This was my second Christmas and my first as a not Little Scamp. Molly and Faline, my rabbit toys have had a LOT of Christmases, Molly (who is a boy) has had 9 and Faline (who is girl) has had 8 now! What a lot! I don’t know who I like best, Molly has nice floppy ears but Faline runs around more and I like to run around behind her, I am not allowed to chase though.

Molly and Faline came downstairs for our Christmas photo shoot and it was such a lot of fun! I am smiling really biggly in the photo from last post because I am right next to them and not getting told off or anything! It was fun to run around with them in the big living room and I ran back upstairs with them too when they got carried back up. I don’t know why they don’t come down all the time! Molly told me that stairs that go down are like a magical mountain that you cannot use but I can go down them just fine. I first learnt on holiday and I do remember thinking down stairs were very scary when I was a very little Scamp and the Rabbits are very little.

Molly and Faline had a nice time hanging out with the presents under the tree. They are my present everyday because they are fun and I like to eat their food. (I have two of their Science Selective pellets when I get into my bed every night.)


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Hurrah, toys!! (Crisp mas day)


Hurro! Hope everyone had a very nice Crisp mas day! We did, it be very busy.

We went to Grandpawents house for presents and lunch, then we went to TND’s Dad’s for more dinner and more presents. We slept all day on boxing day.

As usual on Crisp mas, Santa Paws had left us a present each to open in bed. We got a dried sausage each and a toy each. Arran tooked mine and of course once Arran has touched my toy I casnot play with it anymore on account of the baby brother cooties. But I did not do mindings acoss I helped TND open his present. I mostly just like opening the presents anyway. Sometimes I does not even look at what inside. I especially like helping open the people presents cos they usually really big. Actually, on Crisp mas eve I opened a present under the tree and Mum had to wrap it up again, it beed a wubba for Arran.

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I almost got a present!

Hurro efurrybody!


Guess what? It nearly Crisp mas time, again! I does not know why it does not happen more oftenreally. We has opened 10 days of our advent calendar already!

The tree comed back in the house. Apart from it a different tree cos the old tree still down the side of the house all chopped up. We got very excited and jumped all over TND. I know he really liked that. I stuck my nose right in his eyeball and he made a really good noise, just like a squeaky toy.

Mum decided to get a photo of us looking at the tree and whilst she looking at Arran I slipped round the side where the presents be kept hidden and picked one up. I almost got away with it too only that sneaky Mum seed me and said, “That’s my present Ludo.”

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