snow dogs and shocking pink

Look at these piccures TNP sent me. He on hol-ee-day in France, doing some weird thing called skiiing what some peoples like to do. It where they slide along on the snows. For some reason. Anyways, far more interesting than that be these snow doggies he seed!!

I sure would like a go with one of them!!

Mum’s old camera has broked, that the camera we use to capture my tricky videos with, so for a while, there not gonna be any tricky t-days. It up to the rest of you to keep me entertained and amazed!

So, Mum says we should start playing True colours Thursday again. This week it the colour shocking pink. We not really able to find much of those but someONE thought it be funny to show a different kind of shocking pink. It shocking cos of the terrible animal abuse involved!!

Call the RSPCA! She so can not moan about me getting tooth marks in those guinea pigs now, especially as they beed on such a low down shelf!

I not cooperating!
Well, maybe I look kinda dashing in a tie?
Oh, you has paper? Why doesn’t you say so? (I love paper!)

Happy now Mum! Shocking pink!

~embarrassed lickies, Ludo

TCT- Black!

I has not played TCT for ages and ages and ages. If you want to play too, go see Blue.
But since my very own bro-fur be black I could not NOT play this week.
So quickee, cos Mum say she want to go to bed.
Here he be.

Get your aw’s ready…
It sure good to have him back.
Speaking of black. My good buddy Reilly has a new bro-fur too. hehe! Go visit him to say hi!

Tricky and True colours thursday.

Here a very quick put together video (Mum has to go work) of how my fetching slippers trick be progressing. We coulda learned it easier, I thinks, if Mum had just told me to get the slippers. Cos I know get it. But she say she didn’t want me to get the wrong idea and think of her slippers as toys. She say they not toys, I must only fetch them. Spoil sport. We tried it with her old small slippers and the bigger ones. She want me to learn to fetch by just the bobbly bits in the end. Auntie Penny just got back from the groomer and looks very pretty, but smells too sweet and not at all like a dog.

Also, here some of the sky blue we found for true colours. These were tooked at the agiligy show with today in mind!

Tricky T-day Catch up and TCT!

About time I catched up with Tricky T-day huh?

Here a list of efurryone who done playings so far, with a little thingy on what they beed learning. I updating my side bar too, let me know if I missed anyone.

tRicky Ricky has beed playing and has some great videos up! Including tricks and agilities. Has a look at his first page for some great links to places to get trick ideas from. I currently learning one of Ricky’s tricks, going backwards through Mum’s legs.

Honey has posted lots of great videos, not only of her pawsome tricks, but also of how to learn clicker training. She and Hsin-yi be the bestest teachers and Honey a great inspiration to any dog who thinks they casnot do learnings. Honey has a Tricky T-day badge you can use too. If you want to link to Trick-T-day even if you not taking part you can use anyone of out badges.

Oreo and Misty be so very good at doing tricks! They has posted some very clever paw based tricks, not to mention all the others and learn something new nearly everyday it seem. They also has very fun videos to watch!

Mason Dixie posted a video of her catching her treats and a wooftastic video of her diving trick. So athletic! Such natural ability and something I cannot do at all! I too scared!

Khyra has played too. Check out her catching skills! Khyra’s trick really show the great thing about tricks, treats! Haroo!

Last, but very not least! The pretty Katie has beed posting about how she getting on with her paw tricks. Katie a very good obedience dog, so that a good trick in itself. I casnot wait to hear more on your tricks Katie!

I thinks that efurryone, please let me know if I missed you. Also, if anycritter wants a badge like mine or Oreo’s or Honey’s made please do peemailings to

Now we all getting the hang of things I is thinking of spicing things up a bit. This month, in addition to any tricks you already working on you might like to try something called free timing. This basically just a trick with an object. In free timing you supposed to just come up with your own trick. It very good cos to start with you just get rewarded for everything. I will post a video tuesday to show what I mean. It easier to start with a box. Even if you does not do free timing you can still post a trick that you can do with an object. Any object you likes.

At the end of the month I will send a goody bag to my favourite object trick and you can be trickster of the month and choose the next kind of trick for us to all work on. Have fun efurryone!

Don’t forget, if you add a tricky t-day label to your tricky t-day posts I can link right to them.

Oh yes! Cats can do tricks too. Pepe can do a sit, but that cat not Pepe.

Now for True colours thursday!
I missed quite a few of these! Today be Navy, here what I found out on my walk.

Lickies, Ludo

oh! Pee ess!
I got this very nifty award from Dennis while I beed away.

It meaned a very lot to me and Mum, thanks so much Dennis and Dada!

Tricky T-day and True colours

So for Tricky T-day this week I has beed learning ‘the other paw’ so’s that I can do marching like Honey has teached us. So far we up to moving along with both paws. Sorry about grandpawents talking now and then in the background, Mum tried to edit most of it out. She say we needs our own place but I thinks I would miss Auntie Penny. I will shows you how I doing on tuesday.

Also, it be True colours thursday and this week be grey. Grey an easy one because of course all these colours that you people like to give names to just be different kinds of grey inside my eyes…

Puppy me.

MollyYounger Auntie Penny

~lickies, Ludo

Late true colours and beach

I missed True colours yesterday, so these be my turqoise things, at least, I thinks they turquoise, they might be blue, or even green. My bandana from Stella, Penny’s treats Mum’s needle felting block thingy and the last one of the treats Mason Dixie sented me for my birthday.

Dunno if it be turquoise but it sure Yummy!

A video of beach photos. Sorry they not good quality, Mum’s camera not work very well in the not good lights.

And an actual video videos. Granpaw comed with us today. Mum say he very annoying when we off lead as he panic all the time. So excuse Mum being bossy with him. Oh, also she say never minds her annoying Penny voice. But we likes her high pitch voice, it means I be all fun and exciting and have treats, quick quick!! See how Penny putted my ball in the big puddle so’s I could not get it, but I showed her cos I did which you can see in the piccures.

Afterwards I had a nap.

Mum thinks I funn when I sit like this to look out the window, sometime I go sleepies up there too, but I always move when Mum comes in the room. Cos she might be doing something interesting after all.
~lickies, Ludo

peeess: oops, almost forgot, Luke gived me this award sometime ago. Thanks so much Luke it really means a lot! If anypup in my side bar wants it, please do take.