Arran’s first Lake

We went to Ennerdale lake and Arran comed too! He can do walkings a bit further now, although Mum and TND still carry him about so he does not work his little legs too much. He not so keen on being carried now and he squirms sometimes and says ‘put me down Ladee!’ Until something scares him and then he jumps up and says ‘Pick me up Mum Ladee!’ I showed him the way to go.

This way Arran

This way Arran, never mind Mum, she always a slow coach.Hurry up Ladee!

It did be a bit of a gloomy day, but it did not do rainings on us. I did not go in the lake for a swim though!

I would like to point out that I is doing a very good boy sit in all these photos, but who do you think got a treat for sitting nicely? Ok sure I got one too, but I does not think Arran deserved one.

DSC_0014 DSC_0013

DSC_0017DSC_0023On the way back round we see this  house that no one lives in and it has warning signs on it, Mum always says to TND ‘I wonder who owns it?’ And asks him if he would like to live there. I would like to live in Ennerdale, but I think I does like my own house better, because it has a proper roof and other important things like that. Mum says it reminds her of something the Secret Seven or Famous Five would investigate. Do you know Mum got a long haired ‘collie’ type dog (ME) because George in the Famous Five used to bury her face in her dogs white ruff when she got sad and so Mum always wanted a dog with fur like that.DSC_0020Then Mum did some freaking out because Arran followed me up some steps. I love going through gates and over bridges so I always rush ahead to them and Arran rushed with me and then panicked and tried to get back to Mum and Mum was making some funny squeaky noises about him falling off and made TND pick Arran up. Between you and me my little brofur a bit of a baby!


Not even that scary, right?


DSC_0019Almost back to the car, he still has a lot to learn about walking at lakes, but I think I is being a very good teacher!

~Lickies, Ludo

12 thoughts on “Arran’s first Lake

  1. Ha roo, Ludo! Thanks for letting us know about your new address! Cam and I added you to our “Feedly” list thing.
    It looks like you and Arran had a GREAT adventure — and welcome to your new pal! Isn’t it great adding to the family? I know you’ll teach him a lot – you’re such a smart guy. And to think we knew you when you were just a Von Puppy! 🙂
    Play bows,

  2. Yes, Ludo, I think you are going to be a very good brother, especially when its time for Arran to learn some TRICKS! Giving the little guy treats when he does not always do perfect is OK, because he will want to do more! Your pal, Stella

  3. You are being a very good teaching big brother Ludo. I think that should mean you get TWICE the amount of treats, right? Seems fair. Arran is very cute, but I think that bridge is kinda scary. You have to remember he’s not as big as you and can fall off stuff. So watch out for him OK? If I was there I’d be squeaking like your Mum too! You sure live in a beautiful area!

  4. How exciting for Arran to see his first lake. The first of many visits, we hope. Oh but I can’t help but notice that wee Arran does look like a small fox in some of those photos. Or is that just my fox terrier brain going into overdrive?

    Oh and by the way, your new blog looks absolutely fab. Great job all round.

    Toodle pip!

  5. hi Ludo! it’s rough when the younger, cute one comes along and doesn’t even have to pay attention,, or, think very hard because you are already doing that. Maisie never knows what’s going on, because she doesn’t have to. I always have it figured out
    . xoxoxo, Morgan

  6. Hi Ludo,

    Little brothers can be such a pain. I know because I have to put up with Ambrose. I am sure you are teaching him lots of fun things though.

    Your friend,

  7. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow dada is laffing and laffing abowt “slow coach” becuz apparently wen he wuz much yunger then he is now he had a hardcover comic buk frum the mithikal land of england calld whizzer and chips or maybe it wuz chips and whizzer but ennyway wun of the rekurring karakters wuz a boy naymd slowcoach hoo wuz konstantly in trouble for beeing so slow!!! he seems to be unayble to remember menny of the other karakters apparently their wuz a boy with a majik mixer and a sooper dad with a small hat and a flying car and sum other things but mainly he seems to just remember slowcoach go figger!!! ok bye

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