Growing up…

So I be very nearly a whole year old, and has beed taking an interest in Lady dogs for a while and now I has my new ters Mum says I can start dating. It all part of growing up apparently and I is excited about it, though mum says I is not allowed to ‘play the field’ too much… but I likes playing in fields, it where I does agility *whines*.

I was very excited when Petey invited me to join him and Rosie and lots of other at the Rainbow Room for a wonderful night of dancing. There was lots of eligible lady dogs there, all dressed very beautifully and we all had a pawtastic fabulous time! It was a bit of a blind date for me and imagine my delight when it was none other than the beautiful Morgan! Oh Dog! Didn’t she look beautiful? and boy can she move on the dance floor. Well, she is a sheltie and we is very agile.

A very successful first date for me I thinks. I hope you had a good time too Morgan?

I also joined Suzuki’s brother Scooby doo’s matchmaking site.

All you single pups should go sign up for it. Scooby be very efficient and good aanddd I has had a good response so far I thinks! I is quite overwhelmed by all this attentions. Now the hard part be who to take on my next date? Here is some piccures for you ladies. See I may not be as huge and manly as Mango or as rugged as a terrier but I has my own fluffy charms. My fur is nice to snuggle in and I comes with my own grey and spotty tuxedo. Even if it does be a bit green from the grass… Ladies like that right? I just hope mum doesn’t see these and want to bath me!

I has three special ladies in mind that I just cannot decide between. One be sleek and white and tan and noisy. One be a beautiful black furry lady and one be a slightly older lady who is a bit of a career girl celebrity and has a perfect scruffy smile. Can you guess who they is?

~lickies, Ludo


36 thoughts on “Growing up…

  1. Hi LudoYou do look very handsome and grown up in your pictures today. Bailey could be in the market for a toydog!!!Yes, I know we have created a drama – it just kinda felt like fun!! It really was a fun night in New York and you looked great – oh boy what a dancer. It must be all that agility work you do.lots of loveMartha & Bailey xx

  2. OH boy Ludo! I can’t believe your Mommy is going to let you date! I am so sad I didn’t get to go to that party! I think I might have to print those pictures out and leave them in my nite-nite so I can have sweet dreams! Mommy says she thinks I am so smittin cause you are like Chelsea her old doggie, a sheltie! šŸ™‚ I am not going to get my hopes up but I’m black and fluffy!!! *Crosses paws!Licks,A Blushing Kylie

  3. wow – one year old and dating already…..I think your mom had better change your name to Valentino or Giggilo. I can see you are going to be a heart breaker.

  4. Hi Ludo That was an amazing do at the Rainbow Room wasn’t it? And there’s you, all young and eager to embark on more romantic adventures. I remember those days, just about. But between you and me, that young lass I danced with at the weekend was a bit of a handful. I think these dating games are best left to you youngsters.Best of luck! H.

  5. Oh Ludo…..wowsers….oh boy oh boy, do you look handsome! I’m all in a tizzy, especially after reading your flirty comment on my bloggy….where did you learn to flirt like that? Must have been getting tips from Lacie…ooh-er missus!I would love to snuggle in your fluffyness you big hunk….and if Scooby says we’re a good match then who are we to argue!Smooches from a Gabbilicious girlie xx

  6. Woo don't have to choose!I've got three of my own…Of khourse, woo do need to keep it to one per breed!Your pikhs were pawtastikh!Woo are one khute khanine! It was soooo furry nice to meet woo!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  7. You are quite the handsome boy Ludo. I am sure that all the girls will be after you and you will have a harem.Your friend,Niamh

  8. Hi Ludo,What great poses!!! You are so gorgeous… oh, how we wish you can be our stepfather! *j/k*Licks,Adele, Vincent & Bella

  9. Hi Ludo – I had a fabulous time at the dance with you!I think you are so handsome, and smart, and you are good to your mother. Mom says that’s important… thinking of you, Morgan

  10. w00f’s, u and ur lady looked pawsome at the pawty…and ur photo takes wuz all very good…me not shhure which lady doggies u iz hot fur..b safe,~rocky~

  11. BOL I know who they are! And I thinks you should probably go fur one of the younger ladies šŸ™‚ If only I were 8 years youger…Big licks to youSuzukixxx

  12. My, oh my thinking of dating already!You youngsters are so advanced these days.I have tagged you for a Name Game, hope you will play – see my blog:-

  13. You are so cute, uh, I mean handsome! I am sure you will be wooing all the ladies!All your pictures look amazing. All the ladydawgs will fall in love with you, I am sure!–JB

  14. Hi Ludo!You certainly are a handsome boy! I have no idea who those girls are but I can’t wait to find out! šŸ™‚ Tibby

  15. Hello Ludo! I’m back! Sure have missed you! Ooh looks like you’ve been keeping yourself busy with the ladies! I must say you are getting more handsome by the day!Gee I wonder if my mom allows me to date now…

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