Agility show

Yesterday me and Mum went to our first agility show. Grandpaw came too to look after me as Mum beed helping out cos it our club what be running the show.
It was sooo exciting. We had to drive about an hour to get there and when we arrived Mum took me for a walk in the sand dunes near by.

Luckily it was a lovely sunny day. The first one in ages!

Here is some of the rings where dogs be running. I did not get to run. The British kennel club says you has to be 18 months old before you can be measured and compete, so I got measured at the show. I a medium size dog.

It was so exciting but I managed to be good and not bark lots. Of course I had to bark SOME.

I met lots of puppies getting socialised and lots of shelties. Here a whole gaggle of them. One lady thought I would make a good boyfriend for one of her young dogs but I told her that, sorry, I already taken. Mum whispered something about my new-ters too, but I not sure what that got to do with being a boyfriend?

The little black one coming in for a sniff (she called Breeze) was the potential GF.

Whilst Mum was working (she be the ticket collector and lead chucker abouter) I sat with grandpaw and chewed on my bully stick daydreaming.

When what did my eyes see? You will never believe it!


*sigh* No, a very pretty look-a-like, but on closer inspection, not a patch on my gal.

Oh, but look who I did do meetings of!

Does she look familiar to you?

How bout now?

She my big sister! Well, bigger in age. Sadly Mum can’t remember her name. She did win her agility gold warrant award for her placings in the shows though! How cool.

Every people who not know shelties usually think I a girl, but cos I so big all the sheltie peoples knew right away that I indeed a very handsome boy, not a girl! Ruff!

Here my sis running.
And another sheltie.

Ah, what a good day.

~lickies, Ludo

31 thoughts on “Agility show

  1. Now that was one totally pawsome day and soon enough you can be competing against you big sister and winning!!! Isn't is funny you get mistaken for a girl too…..people are always saying to mom "what's HER name" and mom always responds HIS name is Reilly. And yet it so obvious to Sheltie owners which is male and which is female. It was a good thing you had the bully stick to keep you occupied.

  2. How exciting, Ludo! I'll bet you're the very fastest Sheltie there – and they didn't want you showing everypuppy up and that's why you weren't able to take a turn!I love that picture of you and your sister!!!Love,Ammy

  3. Sheltie gang meet up, huh? I see you had fun and met lots of nice gals, too. I know, sometimes when a dog has long furs that hide their equipment, the people get confused. Oh well.Slobbers,Mango

  4. Hey Ludo!Wow, that looks like a super dooper funs day. I can't wait to do agilities and Mum says I going to be a medium doggie like you too, cos I be hooooge. Maybe we gets it from our daddy?And you gots another sister! That be so cool. She be very pretty.Can't wait to see you doing agilities properly when you be older big bro, Mum says I cans look up to you for insprirations!!HugsFizz xx

  5. What a great day you had!!! Getting to see your little Big Sis must have been fun. So many pretty pups there, no wonder you liked them so much.Woos, the OP Pack

  6. What a nice day for Grandpa, Mum and you to share!It really looked like a very pretty day too. I can't wait for you to be ready to dazzle people with your brand of agilities. You will be a winner for sure.Kisses,Stella

  7. What an exciting day you had at the agility show, Ludo! So cool seeing you and all those shelties together! I bet you´ll do great when it´s your time.xoxoThor

  8. Oh,my Ludo, daydreaming of me with all those beautiful ladies around.. I am blushing! The bi-black did sort of look like me… Your sister sure looks like you! She is very pretty. We went to a big doggie party today to kick off my birthday week celebrations, but mom is too tired to get the pictures ready. your gal, Morgan

  9. Me again… Mom bigified the picture of your sis running, and she likes the big numbers! Here, we have little cones with little numbers, and mom can never see them, and we get all lost, We can study the course before we run, but she forgets, so she looks for the numbers. What a knucklehead! Morgers

  10. What a truly pawsome day you had Ludo!! Your big sister is bwootiful, and I never realised how big you hadded gotten untils I saw your sister.Shame about the new ters, cos there could have been baby Ludo's running about one day. But at least you get to has a girlfriend without any complications… *wink*.Love Scotty xx

  11. Hey Ludo, what a fun day! And your sister looks JUST LIKE YOU! You get high marks for staying true to your love, Morgan, and not keeping a second girl friend on the side! Can't wait till you start agility, you are so smart you'll have it down right away. You don't look shy with other shelties, are you getting used to being around a lot of them now?

  12. Ludo this is truly a very TWO Paws UP!!! outstanding and also truly eggsellent post, and also, we are very glad to know that you are a mediyum sized dog becuz that is truly awesome. And also, your sister is super duper cute!! Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!!

  13. Woooooooowoooooowoooooo….what a fun day you had dear dear Ludo!!!!so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!your sister is very very beautiful and together are gorgeous!!!!!!!!luckily the weather was nice….can't wait to see you in action doing agility…sure you'll be great!!!!!!!!Maya is asking if her nanny is ok!!She miss Penny a lot!!!!!Great great pics as always dear Ludo!!!!HAve a wonderful monday!!We love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!SMACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK and special kisses from Maya to Penny!!!!!

  14. Hi LudoWhat a lovely day with super sunshine – we had rain, rain and more rain!We loved the pics. We thought that doggie did look like Morgan.We are not surprised that the lady dogs are finding you attractive – even with the new ters you are stunning!The picture of you and your sister was our favourite – how pretty you both look.Well done with all your hard work – and mum too!loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  15. Glad you had a good day out at the agility show, I know all your the sheltie friends you've met. I saw them a lot in the agility show.

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