Happy Birthday Arran!

Hello Efurryone! It’s Me, Arran! We are back from our blogging break.

Two days ago, on the 14th of May, it was my birthday. I was a whole 2 years old. I am all grown up now, although I still feel like the same little Scamp I always did.

I had a very nice birthday. The day before I went to agility training and that is always lots of fun. My mum, Ladee says I am getting much better at ignoring distractions. Distractions are fun because they are always something interesting like another dog running around. I go to my first show at the end of May so Ladee says I must try and listen.

Anyway, back to my birthday. I got a nice card and badge from Grandpawents and Rusty. Rusty is my best friend! He came to stay with us for two whole weeks whilst Mum and Dad went away on a thing called Honeymoon. That was lots of fun but it was still nice to have them back. It was really exciting when Mum and Dad came through the door, we jumped all over them. Rusty too.

Ladee got me a pinata for my birthday. I really wanted to play with it and I span round and round and herded it whilst Ladee held it up in the air but then as soon as it went down on the ground Ludo shouted at me and chased me out the way and then even though Ludo got made to go away I would not go anywhere near it so Ludo got to open it. Ludo loves opening things.   Arranbirthday1



Ludo sure is mean! I had to hide on Mum and Dad’s laps to watch him open my present. He did not care about the stuff inside though.

We both got a pigs ear that was inside the pinata. I am wearing a badge that says two!





Mum Ladee gave me the tail from the Pinata, but it did not look as interesting as the bit Ludo had. Ladee says usually I am the one bullying Ludo and stealing all his stuff so I had to suck it up.

arranbday5 arranbday6 arranbday7 lukillpinata2


I got two toys!

arranbday arrantug

Well, It was a nice birthday anyway I guess and I got to play with the legs in the end. Plus Auntie came round with sausage and chips and gave us some. We love Auntie!

I regret nothing!

I regret nothing!

Wiggles, Arran!

pee ess: We will get some wedding photos up in the next few days!

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Arran!

  1. Happy Birthday, Arran!!! You had such a special day – that pinata must have been so much fun.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  2. Happy Birthday Arran! Can it really be two years already?
    Gail and I are thinking that whoever is responsible for sweeping the floors in your household might be rethinking their approach to birthday present selection next year…
    Toodle pip!

  3. Happy birthday, Arran! I can’t believe you’re TWO already! I’m going to be two in a couple months, so please keep me posted on what it’s like. I’ll still be able to act like a puppy, won’t I?
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. Happy belated birthday Arran! How did you get to be 2 so fast? You must have magical powers! Say hi to Ludo too. You guys sure made a mess opening your pinata! But it looked like fun!

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