Spring and Yum!

Me, Mum and TNP went on another long walk, we went all the way up St. Bees head where I lives and to the light house and back round. About 4 something miles I thinks. Mum got furry tired cos it be over some rough terrain. We wented to a little stone beach called Fleswick bay.

Lookiie! Spring!

I just loves TNP. Mum says she getting kinda jealous cos I always want to sit with TNP and say hello to him better than I do to her. But come on Mum, I see you like ALL the time.
 ok, so this will probably get Mum major told off if he looks at it, but I doesn’t care. heheh!

(I better make it small, but yous all know what to do to make it bigify)

Anyways, I has to say thanks you to TNP, although I does not want to since he betrayed my trust. On Friday I beed feeling a bit poorly, so Mum being the fusspot that she is wanted to take me to the vets. We has no car at the moment since it broked, so TNP furry kindly (er, does I really has to say that Mum?) tooked me to the vets. I had a bit of a temperature so got some injections, but nothing much, I feeling better now anyways.

On the way back from our walk we had to walk through the sheep field and there beed lots and lots of lambs there!
Yum, right? Mum did take a video of them, but she stupidly thought it had uploaded in Picasa and it hadn’t, but she’d deleted it already. *sigh* I will go back and take another one.

Today I reminded Mum that really I has not had any good treats made for me lately. Plus she made herself some cookies.

So here what I got made for me, and Penny.

It a doughy heart. Mum just kinda made it up.
It made with rice flour, a whole little pot of unsweetened low fat fruit yoghurt, Some vegetable fat to bind (you can use any hard fat or butter but we has a nice healthy one called Trex on account of Mum being weird… I mean vegetarian. And a nice little dollop of honey for sweetness. Just mix the ingredients up and keep adding here and there until you get a nice gloopy dough. They shape it into a roll with some flour, twist it up and shape.

aw, Mum loves me! hehe! The twisties is so that your person can pull off nice little training size bits for you.

Like that! Mum baked this at about 170 c for 15 mins till it went golden, then turned the oven down to 150 for another 10 minutes to cook the inside better. er, I dunno what that be in American, sorry.

Yum! The yoghurt makes it smell delishious!

~lickies, Ludo


29 thoughts on “Spring and Yum!

  1. Hi Ludo, we are liking the sound of TNP – right away he impressed us with his photography skills but now we see he is also a doggie person.This is the most important quality in a human we find.We can see that you will have a spot of male bonding Ludo but well your mum is always your mum.We are so glad you are feeling better and look forward to seeing your new lamb video – we hope you are not calling it Silence of the Lambs!Great treats – looked yummy!We are a few miles north of Glasgow if you let us know the area you are visiting we can try and meet up.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  2. Hi Ludo! Finally a picture of TNP! We can see why you love him (I think I love him a little bit too!) You all have been going on some awesome walks!Glad to know you didn't get too sick but bummer that you had to go to the vets!

  3. w00fs, TNP is good to u Ludo, and he tooked u to the vets git u better..looks like u all had a nice time on ur walkie…i love ur scenery…b safe,~rocky~

  4. We always enjoy seeing your photos of your trips because the terrain is so unlike any that we see here. Thanks for sharing.TNP is A-OK with us if he is that nice to you – that is very important. AND he looks very nice too:)Your Mom made you a scrumptious treat there, wish we could get our snooters in the screen here to get a taste.Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. That was a really long walk. I think that you and TNP just want to talk about guy stuff is all. Mom needs to understand.Slobbers,Mango

  6. Hi, Ludo!Glad to know you are feeling better!TNP was very nice taking you to see your Vet!That cookie-heart shaped looks delicious! I am sure it was!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  7. You sound very happy, Ludo, except for your brief visit to the vet!Tell TNP I think his photography is just lovely, and it was nice to see a pic of the two of you together.Kisses,Stella

  8. Hi handsome, – love your neckwear…. It sets off your blues so nicely! Wherever did you get it?? It was so nice of TNP to take you to the doctor, even if you didn't want to go there. A four mile hike – wow! And that heart shaped cookie! You are really having some good fortune! We have to say it again – you live in the most beautiful place. And we did not bigify TNP's picture because we know he is shy. No, we lied, OF COURSE WE BIGIFIED IT!! BOL! your gal, Morgan

  9. Uh oh, you better be careful with that TNP and making your Mum jealous. 😉 He looks like a nice guy though and he seems to like you which is vitally important. As for the heart yummy….wowzers, can I come over? :)Kisses,Nala

  10. Hi Ludwig,Was that Heaven where you went for your walkie? It's beautiful!Now your mommy is what we call a Good Mommy! She makes you cookies! Our mommy needs to take baking lessons from your mommy!Riley and Star.

  11. Lovely pictures!Wow… you got yummy things there! share… share.. share with us, please *waggles* Licks,Adele, Vincent & Bella

  12. Wow – Ludo, I don't know what to comment about in this post first! Well, first, you live in such a beautiful area – am so envious – would love to go on those walk!And I'm sorry to hear about you feeling a bit sickies and having to go to the vet but it's good that you're feeling better already!And finally – YUM@!!!! That treat-dough-heart thing looks SOOOO yummy!! Shame Hsin-Yi can't bake to save her life otherwise I'd ask her to try this (but I won't otherwise I will end up eating some black, burnt, yucky-tasting, weird-shaped thing that she forgot in the oven overnight or something…!)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

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