Shiney shiney sunshine!

Oh! How I loves it! I has had a lovely day today. It beed shiney shiney sunshine allllll day. I sat out in it with Pepe and Auntie Penny and soaked up the rays while Mum be at work. I saw TNP drive past and cried a bit and Grandma teased me and said ‘aw, did you see your boyfriend.’ Mum says I think TNP be even better than sliced bread. Well, yeah! Unless that bread has cheese or tuna or something in it.

When I sees TNP I does my special happy wiggly zoomies and I bitey on his thumb.

Anyways, I has just got back from the pub. Mum and me and Grandpaw went and I got to sniff some other doggies and eat some icecubes and get lots of their sandwiches. We got back and Grandpaw tooked Auntie Penny out and I got annoyed and did barkings at her. Mum says she casnot understand how my mind works since I had just come back from being out. But hey, I wants to go all the time.

The other day me and Mum and TNP wented back to Ennerdale lake. There beed lots of green and flowers and pretty things. TNP tooked some piccures so here they be. Oh and I barked at a cow. In some places in the Lake District they is doing forest management, trying to get the right kind of old English trees and plants and animals back where they used to be. One of the things they did is introduce some old breeds of cow what used to be wild here cos apparently they eat and trample the plants that the forest peoples don’t want. We came across some and ate our lunch and one comed to say hello, It beed about 4 leaps away. I snuck up near it and Mum got scared and TNP tried to say Hello so I barkbarked at it and it got scared. hahaha!

Mum chucked it her apple core which I did not be happy about.

The pics is just all jumbled up acause Mum be lazy.

~lickies, Ludo

25 thoughts on “Shiney shiney sunshine!

  1. It beed shiney shiney sunshine all day here in 'Aberdeen too. (No Gail that's not 'bad grammar', its how I like to talk to Ludo sometimes!)What a lovely wal you had. Is barking at a cow the right thing to do? I think if I meet a cow I shall probably bark too. 'Cos that what I do when I meet anything that moves.Toodle pip! Bertie,

  2. I love shiney shiney sunshine too Ludo!! Glad you got to be outside in it! TNP takes such awesome photos – does he try and sell any of them? Seems like he could make lots of money.

  3. Good thing we kept all the rain over here Ludo, so it didn't spoil your picnic! Great photos! I especially like the one of you on the logs! Did you go up there all by yourself? And I like the one on the path where you're looking back at TNP. You're kind of sweet on him aren't you! Be careful, Morgan might get jealous!

  4. hey Ludo,those are really beautiful pictures. some of them, especially of the woods, look like a painting.u sure had a great daywags, bud n gin

  5. What an exciting post, Ludo! I love those shiney, shiney days too and sunbathing outside!And that lake does look like the most beautiful place!! My human thinks your Mum is very lucky to have a TNP who is such a great photographer – she always wishes Paul was a better photographer coz he never takes as good photos as she does and then they have an argument about things! Hee! Hee!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  6. Hi Ludo!Beautiful pics and scenics! I love your new header too, so handsome and grown up! I am glad you are teaching Bouncing Bertie to speak your language. He is a cute little guy, isn't he?Happy Weekend, Ludo Stella

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