An Elanmore of Every Colour

Want to see a selection box of shelties?

Over New Year my cousin Becky on the Elanmore (my dog Mum’s) side brought her people up to visit for a little hol-ee-day. Her person called Katherine and Katherine’s daughter Laura and Laura’s son Jack. Katherine’s Mum be called Norma and she bred and owned my Mum Thistle and has been the Elanmore breeder for many many years! We met them in the summer too, they very nice and I will tell you more about them and the other Elanmore dogs in another post. On New Years day we met up and we also met up with my other cousin Benji. I has known Benji for a few years through my training club, but we did not know we be cousins until just recently when Mum got talking to Becky’s people. We all cousins, all from the Elanmore kennel, related through our great Grandma, Lady.

Becky (Elanmore Royal Empress)…

Benji (Elanmore Sir Harrington)…

I thinks you know what I looks like? (Elanmore Blue Flash)

It did not be very nice weather, but we had a nice walk anyway. The peoples chatted and we ran around and did some posing.

Benji’s people had to go home after the walk but Katherine, Laura and Jack comed to my house for a cup of tea. Laura has a dog who not a sheltie (but we will not hold that against him) called Charlie.
Mum thinks he very photogenic.
The sun comed out for a few minutes so we went back out to try and get some sunshine photos.

Look how big and brave I is. Jack a children and I sitting right next to him and looking and not even being chicken! He be a very nice young man though and does not do scary things like other childrens I see like run right up to me and make loud noises and stuff like that.

I hope you liked meeting some more of my ‘first’ family. I sure did and I will show you some more soon!
I thinks Katherine, Laura and Jack enjoyed their hol-ee-day in St. Bees and so did Becky and Charlie!
By the way, Laura been doing a challenge for Cancer Research UK this month. She beed a ‘dryathlete’, not drinking any alcohol. If you has some spare pennies and fancy donating to a good cause her sponser page here. Charlie helping on New Years eve. (Mum stole this pic from her facebook page. BOL!)
~lickies, Ludo!
pee ess: From Mum, Ok… Not EVERY colour possible. But… you don’t really get any colours other than sable, tricolour and blue merle deliberately bred for over here in the UK. Blue merle without the tan (bi blue?) is accepted, but not desirable. Black and white, like (Oreo and Morgan) is accepted and we have met one at an agility show, since you need a bi black to get a bi blue and bi blacks are rare, it makes bi blue’s even rarer! Of course you can get shaded sable (mahogany) like Becky, or lighter coloured (gold) sable, but they are all just classed as sable by the Kennel club. I’ve never heard of a sable merle being bred over here (and was a bit shocked when I found out it is bred in the US, since it looks very similar to shaded sable, it would be difficult to tell if the dog carried the merle gene or not, which means you could potentially breed two merle sables, thus creating double merles with all their ensuing health problems. Doesn’t seem worth the risk to me… but I guess it’s for the potential for blue eyes, which do look pretty on the gold coat) anyway, sable merle and colour headed whites are not recognised by the kennel club so I would imagine that’s why. If you want to see the UK standard it’s here.
Some fun links on possible colours if you want to be nerdy, more applicable to other countries… here, here and here.

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